Monday, August 22, 2011


Photos from Paddlefest this weekend. It's a 5 mile race down the Savannah River with over 200 racers that ended at the Riverkeeper's boathouse. Anyone from professional kayakers to friends that built their own raft raced down the river. This year was the first time they had vendors and we were pleased they invited us to attend. Sarah and I shared a booth again, and braved the heat.

My side. I wasn't going to bring my lingerie but last minute decided to. Good thing, because that was pretty much all I sold. The turnout was very small but it's nice to show face in the community and meet fans and customers. Selling online, you never SEE who buys your goods, and this is why I love doing shows! I get to chat with them and meet them.

Ohmigod, it was so hot! Sarah and I struggled to stay cool. Hats helped. It's hard to move at more than a snails pace during these summer months because it is so hot and sweaty in Georgia! I understand now, being a northerner, why we think of southern people sitting around all summer on porches drinking lemonade (it's actually sweet tea ha) because no matter what you do, you're overheating! I don't know how people survived here before air conditioning!! It's still in the high eighties at night here.

Sarah with the sun in her eyes.

A lookout I'm going to use for a photo shoot soon. It looks like so much fun! I didn't climb up there because a family was enjoying the view and I needed to get back to my booth. But I think this is so beautiful! A great way to look over the river. I'll go here for an outfit post perhaps. Or maybe wander over here with Matt and have a picnic.

It was nice that the field where we set up was right on the river, past the Riverwalk downtown. It was nice that this is only a few blocks from my house. Augusta may be drab and boring sometimes, but the river is amazing and I need to get out on it! I really want to invest in some watercrafts, a canoe or kayak. 

And these look like so much fun! Stand up paddle surfboards I think they are called.  

Matt stopped by with Zeus. It was so hot but Zeus had a good time checking out everything. They match with their Auburn gear. So cute. Guess where Matt went to college.

Check out that tongue! And they match.

I spy a dog. He totally crawled out from under here and scared an unsuspecting customer. You think you're looking at jewelry and then a giant Great Dane/Lab crawls out from under a table, I'd probably pee my pants if I didn't know Zeus.

Thirsty boy. His nose is too big to really drink from this, but he was determined.

I missed out on taking pictures of the racers since they came in on the other side of the boat house, but I was able to catch these guys. They were the last ones to pull in. I believe they made their raft, and it took them about five hours to paddle from start to finish! We joked about doing it next year and constructing a raft, I bet it's a blast and a great workout.

Sarah's newest creation: garlands for little girls. The ribbons and beads are so fun, it almost makes me wish I had a cute little thing to buy it for. And sadly, it's not cat sized. Haha.

Happy Monday everyone. I'm cleaning up from last night's clothing swap I hosted with a group of friends, so I will share the pictures later this week. Also, this week on my blog, I'll be taking a men's plaid shirt from long to short sleeved, with Matt as my model, and also some outfit posts. Best new things I gained from the swap and pointers on hosting your own. I'd really like to get outside for some photos if this weather cooperates! Cool down Georgia!

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