Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Wore:: 8.04.11

It is beyond miserable in the south during the summer months. It is already pushing 90 degrees at 8 A.M. The highs lately have been about 110, 120 with the heat index! Wednesday, I had errands to run around town. Being that it is too hot for regular clothing, and my car does not have air conditioning, I opted for this bustier I bought at a thrift store in Columbia for, get this, $1! That's right, it was only $1! 


While I don't normally show my middriff, I just think it's generally trashy and doesn't look good. While I thought differently in my wild early twenties, I now dress quite conservatively with respect to exposed skin. But this bustier paired with high-waisted shorts, the four or so inches of my mid section that was shown was all in good taste. I felt like a 50s movie star or something.

Bustier:: thrifted, His House thrift store, vintage, $1.
Belt:: my favorite, a gift from my mother, vintage, flower stamped and hand painted.
Shoes:: thrifted, brown leather pumps, $4.
Shorts:: blue cotton, vintage, thrifted, $3.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and staying cool throughout this heat wave!

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  1. O wow what a nice find! It's just perfect :)
    and indeed, with the highwaist shorts it's not tacky at all. Perfect combination :)

  2. You look amazing in this outfit Sally!!! I love those shorts, and how that bustier crosses in the back, and its buttons on the front! SUCH a wonderful find :) Keep cool, love!