Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures in dogsitting

Dogsitting again. This is Zeus, my boyfriend's dog. I watched him again yesterday since I had the day off. I feel like he's better off hanging out with me at my apartment when I work from home rather than alone at Matt's house when Matt works all day. He even has his own blanket when he comes over (and yes, it has a cat on it).

But there is one major problem: my cats still hate him. They've been around each other so many times and there is a slight improvement in behavior, but poor Zeus gets beat up every time. It was quite the adventure. I snapped a few iPhone pictures that are hilarious.

"Hey, Clem. Wanna play?"

Look at his sweet eyes. Zeus wants Clem to like him so bad. But she smacks his face and he backs down. This repeats every five minutes until I stop it. He is relentless. I have to admire his persistence, and Clem's consistency.

I'd really know when he got shot down when I'd be at my sewing machine, I hear a bark and rustle, and then he walks out of my bedroom with his head down. It's funny how sensitive Zeus can be for such a big dog.

As you can see, she is not happy!

And the funniest thing of the whole day. Zeus LOVES the lazer pointer. He'd attack it for a few minutes and then after I'd put if down, he'd try and eat the carpet. Such a sweet boy.

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1 comment:

  1. You are such a sweet girlfriend, and Zesus is really the cutest (biggest) dog I have ever seen! I love your writing and all those photos of him and Clem are priceless! He seems like such a gentle giant