Friday, September 16, 2011

Cribbledy Goodness

While I will not be a vendor at this year's Arts In The Heart*, my close friend, Sarah Adams Craig will be. She repurposes jewelry and accessories. Cribbledy Goodness is her line of 100% recycled jewelry. She deconstructs vintage jewelry and recreates beautiful modern pieces that retain a lovely vintage feel.

Sarah makes everything, all kinds of accessories. Earrings, necklaces, pins, book thongs, headbands, ID badge holders, and even garlands for little girls. The name, "Cribbledy Goodness" comes from an old nickname Sarah used to have. Cribbles, and then came Cribbledy, and the goodness is what she makes.

Here are a few photos of her jewelry from a photo shoot last year. Wow my hair has grown! I am usually Sarah's jewelry model. I love wearing long earring since I took the gauges out of my ears; they used to be a 00, and still droop a little.

Be sure to check out the festival this weekend. If you are reading this from far away, support local artists! Those that attend AITH this weekend, ask the council, "Hey! Where's Sally Ann?" (See * below) ...

Earrings made from two different necklaces. Similar pair, $15.

Necklace and earring set, pendant on necklace made from clip-on earrings. 
Other beads came from 1950s jewelry. Vintage chain. Sold, but similar set, $30.

Necklace. 100% recycled. Repurposed chain, glass chandelier prism,vintage black glass beads. 
Still available, $25.

Earrings. Made from an old chandelier and vintage chain. Pearl bead from vintage necklace. 
Still available, $20.

Necklace and earring set. See description above.

Cribbledy Goodness links:
-Facebook page
-Etsy shop (will return after the festival)

Sarah and I at First Friday, May 2010.

Social Canvas, May 2011.

Paddlefest, August 2011.

As you can see from above, Sarah and I always do craft shows together. I'm sad we won't be doing this one together, but there's always next time. To see more of Sarah's Cribbledy Goodness, click on the tag "Sarah Adams" or "craft shows" to see past blog entries with her work.

*The Arts Council of Augusta and I had it out a few months ago. While last year they personally asked me to participate in the festival, this year I got a rejection email (the only rejection I've ever received besides cheerleading in the 7th grade, and that was obvious). As a full-time local designer and it's a local three day festival, I was beyond shocked! The Arts Council is a bunch of jerks that told me (through email, because they couldn't pick up the phone) my juried entry was denied because I "repurpose things". I didn't know I had to cut things out from patterns for it to count as handmade! (I think they're secretly scared of my stuff being lingerie. The South it too conservative!) 

It's funny they denied my application because of the "repurposing" argument, when a girl with two booths this year repurposes things as well. They also said space was limited, but she has two booths. Best of luck to her and all other vendors. Make lots of money, and f*** the council.

They were terrible to me and extremely rude, going to such lengths as calling me a tailor to a local reporter, saying I didn't belong in their festival. Without a huge tirade (ha! too late!), I'll just say I'm boycotting the festival and all Arts Council events from now on. Matt and I are going to Myrtle beach with another couple for the weekend. My toes will be in the sand in a matter of hours! I can't wait. Fall is coming and it's our last chance for the beach this year. 

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  2. This short haircut looks beautiful on you! :)

  3. Enjoy your weekend away from that madness, you do not deserve that treatment from anybody...your work is beautiful and inspiring, probably one of the top in Augusta! How ridiculous for them to ask you to attend last year, and deny you this year...

    I'm sure you're have one hell of a weekend, more fun than you ever could selling things to unappreciated yuppies...

    Get that beautiful chin up girl! And cheers to a freakin' great weekend with your boo and friends!

    *But yet, best of luck to Sarah and her designs! Off to check out her shop now! :)

  4. I was sad not to see your stuff there...especially when so many of the artists aren't even from Augusta. They're welcome and all, but I think locals should have precedence and a little leeway.
    Gracie Shepherd, skirt! magazine