Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Etsy Review: Nothing New Treasures

While reviewing my Etsy feed a few weeks ago, I saw a shop called Nothing New Treasures favorited one of my dresses. I clicked on her cute little picture and absolutely loved her shop, especially her BBC dresses! I immediately emailed her and asked if she'd be interested in trading dress for dress. AND SHE WAS! I was so excited.

Trades are the best part about Etsy. While the main goal of being a seller on Etsy is to sell things, the barter system is pretty fantastic. I've traded many things on Etsy, and I'm rarely disappointed. This dress was even better once I got it on. I LOVE IT! You simply message someone and say, "Do you like what I make? I like what you make, let's trade."

The dress is made from a two pieces of clothing, a skirt and shirt, cut up and repurposed to create a new dress. And the lace applique was hand sewn and makes the whole dress. I wore it to work last Friday and everyone kept asking if I made it. It's so "me" that they couldn't believe it was made by someone else!

The designer, Brittany, lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with her boyfriend and bunny where she runs the gift section of a bookstore and her etsy shop. She recently started sewing clothing and it's definitely something where she excels. In her shop you can also find cute market totes. I can't wait to see what new clothing she creates. And be on the lookout for a future guest post from Brittany.

Zeus helped out with my photo shoot. He kept thinking my little infrared remote was a small treat for him to eat. Sorry dog. Nope. My boyfriend was out of town all weekend so I have my hands full babysitting this big boy. The cats were not pleased.

Nothing New Treasures links:
-a cute market bag in her shop
-a similar dress to the one above


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  1. Sally! Your blog is so cute. I've been peeping it for some time now. I used to work with your sister, Rachel long, long ago at Kmart.

    I since went to school for fashion design (still living in Chicago, 4 years after graduating) and you've inspired me to get my Etsy shop up and running!

  2. Whoops. My personal art/design link didn't link correctly: http://cuteartchick509.deviantart.com/

  3. You look adorably sexy!! I think its so awesome designers trade their merch with one another, connecting and telling their customers about each other!! I will definitely check out her shop, the lace details are just too cute!!

    And hello to Zeus! You're a sweetheart for looking after such a horse ;)