Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm moving!

And it's so very far, across the street, haha. I'm trading in my second floor, two bedroom apartment for a one bedroom apartment that is much larger. It is the old apartment a friend of mine occupied for the last three years, and he just took a teaching job in England. So sad to see him leave, but so glad to steal his apartment (thanks, Adam!)! This place has the most marvelous kitchen that looks like it should have it's own cooking show. And get this, the kitchen has two ovens! Thanksgiving at my place?..., I think so!

It's the Douglas Estate, built in the late 1890s. A beautiful old home with the renovations to it's natural state almost complete. There just needs to be a little bit of painting finished before I move in. And the color of the paint is only colors that would have been used during the time it was built. And while the home is broken up into apartments, it is still holds it's old, romantic feeling. 

The two living rooms are separated by two large wooden doors (above). There are three fireplaces, all closed off for restoration. Mostly wood floors, a large porch, french doors entering the kitchen, the original door bell that you turn, and so many more little details I just love! While old homes have certain "flaws" some would say, things aren't perfect in old homes, but the history and age make it so cozy and worthwhile. I will never live in a new home ever again.

I can't wait to make this second living room my bedroom, while the actual bedroom will be my workroom. Don't you just love those crystal sconces on the wall (above)?! With the large doors, I can separate the house when I have guests over, keeping them in the kitchen, living room, and dining area, shutting off my bedroom with these large doors. I feel like I'm in a Kiera Knightly movie. I move in next month! Yay! I can't wait. If only I can convince my friends to help me move all my junk across the street. I'm crossing my fingers. But overall, I'm so excited!

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  1. I want to see the Kitchen!!! Gorgeous place.

  2. Congratulations, beautiful home!!

  3. I love old homes with quirks! I grew up in an old farmhouse from the 1830s and while it had some problems, the history of the place just made it magical. I'm sure this new apartment will be magic for you too

  4. That is the cutest house! Love the vintage, shabby chic vibe it has going on.

    I'm with Ellie-let's see the kitchen!!! :)

  5. Hey ladies-- I'll post more pictures of the rest of it when I move in, kitchen and all : ) : )

  6. LOL @ across the street!!! Hahaha! Anyway, congratulations! Your house is one of the simplest yet most gorgeous vintage houses I've ever seen. Many women are probably envious of you. Well, they can find one for themselves too! You found yours, after all!