Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shaved heads

My friend, Sandie, shaved her head the other day! She came into the bar to say hello, and at a first glance it looked like her hair was pulled back. As she got closer I realized her hair was completely gone, shaved! And oh my goodness, she looks beautiful! See the before and after picture of her below.

Read about the reasons Sandie shaved her head on her blog. I love that the title of that entry is "Be Bold, Be Bald, Be Brave". She is so full of life and I admire her positive outlook on everything. Be sure to watch the video below of the entire process.

It makes me miss my days as a baldie. Back when I was 20, the day after Thanksgiving, I shaved my head. I had been bleach blonde, and then went to an ash blonde. Too poor to maintain blonde since I was in college and sick of my dark roots, I decided away with it all. Why not?

Before: blonde. I had to dig through an old hard drive to find these pictures. The night before I shaved my head I cut some horrible bangs and bob for work. The next morning I cut a mohawk and mullet. It's so fun to just cut away hair knowing it will all be gone! By the time the clippers turned on, my hair was just a few inches. It still took a while to shave it since my hair is super thick. I wish I could do it again!

Unfortunately, my damaged hair could not be donated because of it's length and color, it was still so liberating. I have never felt so free! You quickly learn how people see you when you loose all your hair. My coworkers wanted me to wear a wig at work, afraid I'd scare off patrons, but it actually increased people's interest and business, tips especially.

I really want to shave my head again someday. Every woman should do it once in their lifetime. It feels great. I am currently on a mission to grow my hair really long, it's been close to 10 years since I've had long hair. For years I was super impulsive, bleaching my hair and shaving the other side. Shaving a strip on the back of my head and asymetrical bangs. Oh my college days were strange. I appear so normal now that I'm in my late 20s. Haha.

Have any of you ever shaved you head or seriously considered it?

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  1. Its weird that you would post about this because just yesterday I was on stumbleupon and ended up on a site for "short" hair styles and the first thing I though of was Sally's buzz cut. You pulled it off, maybe better than G.I. Jane! :)

  2. The video is adorable!! You look gorgeous as a baldy and so does your friend!!! Unfortunately, I don't think I have the facial bone structure for such a feat, but it looks amazing and I bet it is liberating!! Oh Sally, you keep impressing me everyday :)