Monday, September 5, 2011

Skirt Magazine!

I'm featured in a local magazine this month. The Augusta Chronicle's "Skirt" Magazine for women. They profiled me and asked what were some life lessons I never learned. Enjoy.


The full ten rules I never learned. The editor obviously had to edit my piece down because of space limitations, so here is the expanded version. 

1. Don't mix brown and black, ever. 
This is crazy to me. I say, mix away. I will wear brown pants with black shoes, black top. Brown top, black bottoms, brown shoes. Maybe it's because I'm a brunette or because brown is one of my favorite colors. As long as you carefully choose which pieces you mix, which ones are black and which ones are brown, this can be done very well. Be sure to make the mismatch look intentional, not accidental.

2. Accept everything the way it is. 
To be content is to be bored. I like to constantly see what needs improved in my life. Even the smallest detail can be made better. Don't settle for mediocrity!

3. Dress for comfort. 
Dress up whenever possible. Diane von Furstenburg said it best, "Feel like a woman, wear a dress."

4. Save money and shop sales. 
Never. I don't buy things just because they are inexpensive or a good deal. They are cheap for a reason. If you shop that way you will end up with way more than you need and with things that are not made well. Clothing for example. Skip the Forever 21 crap stores that are full of manufactured junk. Buy something that is well made. I prefer to buy handmade clothing, or less mainstream manufactured clothing. That way I get what I need and want. You get what you pay for. 

5. Match colors schemes or prints. 
I have never, in my entire life, been one to match. Matching is boring. Anyone who isn't colored blind can wear red shoes with a red belt, red earrings, for example. Play with colors that do not typically go together. Mix patterns. A truly stylist person can mix polka dots with stripes and plaid. As long as the colors compliment each other, it will work. Be daring and try something new!

6. Go to college, get a degree, and find a 9-5 job with benefits. 
Nope. Not my style. I am the quintessential "dropped-out-of-college-to-pursue-her-dreams" girl. Being self-employed is beyond rewarding. Working at what I love makes me happier than any piece of paper on my wall. (I was studying Anthropology with the goal of teaching college someday and digging up the next Lucy in Kenya.)

7. Don't wear red lipstick by day. 
They always say to save the dramatic looks for night time. Don't wear red lipstick or black eyeliner by day. Solution: just wear one. Red lipstick can be the focal point of your face if don't properly and all other makeup is minimal. I love pairing pale winter skin with my dark hair and red lips. I can't wait for my summer skin to fade to white.

8. Follow the current fashion trends.
Fitting in is so overrated! Walk to the beat of your own drum. Why would you want to look like everyone else? Be bold and hold onto whatever is "so last season" and continue to rock it if you feel so inclined. Anything worn with confidence is worn well.  "If you are honest and true to yourself, you will have the best personal style" -- Stella McCartney.

9. Don't wear white after labor day.
Pfft. How silly. This rule originate in rules of etiquette and the class system of over 100 years ago. Today it only applies to shoes. Throw that out the window. Wear those white pants in December! Or a white winter coat. Just be sure the fabric is appropriate for the season. Too bad there isn't snow here like my native Michigan; it is so fun to blend in with snow! Especially paired with bright red lipstick!

10. Do what is expected of you.
Please other people and live by society's definition of what right and wrong? What for? Life is too short to live for other people. You are your own best friend and the only one you have to please. Keep your standards high and do what makes you happy.

What a deer in hearlights, eh? I love that you can see so much of my sewing room in this picture. Ursula in the background wearing vintage lingerie, my workline, my sign, and my current project on my cutting table, tape measure and all. The photographer, Chris Thelen, did a great job!

I don't really celebrate, but my bar is closed today, so I'm going to do my best to enjoy my day off from Stillwater. I'm headed to breakfast with my dear friend, Sarah, and then maybe some morning thrifting. Then it'll be time to head back home for more sewing. I made another clothing rack over the weekend so I'll need to move around a few things.

I hope you all do the same and make the most of your day!

Click here to read the September issue of Skirt Magazine.

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  1. I just found out about you (and your blog!!) through Skirt! I agree with all of your lessons! Especially number 6. BTW, I was an Anthropology Major as well.

  2. Congratulations Sally! I just saw and read the article on yesterday~ I shared it with some of the girls at work. :)
    Of course, you know I have to send out a blast on Sew Much Talent. :) Keep up the great work!