Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend getaway!

Matt and I spent a few lazy days this past weekend in Myrtle Beach with our friends, Kat and Kevin. I took off work on Friday, and we drove four hours to the ocean. While the weather wasn't ideal, we all really needed to get away from Augusta for the weekend! Enjoy some photos from our trip..

The view from our 12th floor hotel room. This is the pier I fished from last year when I came for the weekend! I caught a fish and a shark. Too bad we didn't have time to fish this year.

Myself, Katie, her husband, Kevin, and my boyfriend, Matt. They were impressed with my tripod and infrared remote that I brought along. I had the remote in my hand, and they're exclaiming "you don't have to use the timer?" It comes in very handy for my blogging since I live alone and I am my own photographer.

The reason I toted along my tripod. I wanted to try out some night photography. But it was so overcast all weekend, and we didn't see any stars. I read up on some new techniques in night beach photography. Maybe next time...

Cocktails and bombs at a local bar! We asked a server at dinner where local people go for beer. Molly Darcy's was a great time. It was "Shag week" in Myrtle Beach, which means a lot of old people and a week of dancing. Being that we stayed in North Myrtle Beach, it's safe to say we were the youngest vacationers.

From our balcony, the hot tub and lazy river below. Saturday morning, Matt and I fixed some Bloody Mary's and went down to the hot tub bright and early. Oh how I love vacations and Bloody Mary's. It was about 65 degrees outside, very cold for us, so the pool was out of the question! We swam in the pool later in the day after jumping in the chilly ocean. Matt and I got our daily workout in with laps and sit ups in the pool.

A picture of Matt taking a picture. Our view was amazing. It was so great waking up to the sound of the ocean each day. Our hotel suite was huge, Kat and Kevin were in the front of the room, and Matt and I in the back with the balcony. A full kitchen and bathroom in the middle allowed us to hang out and relax all weekend.

Kat and I went down to the beach while the boys watched football, and had a little photo shoot. I brought some floppy hats that were intended to shade us from the sun while we laid out in our suits, but it was too cold for that, unfortunately, and we ended up wearing jeans all weekend.

Candid shot.

Outfit details:
Hat: St. John's Bay, thrifted, $4. Sweater: Forever 21, $15. 
Shirt: Alexander Wang, garage sale, $5. 
Jeans: BCBG Max Azria, $50 (on sale from $120!).
Belt: thrifted, $1. 

(We didn't really build this, but found it abandoned.)


Jumping sand castles!

Toes in the sand. My most favorite thing ever!

Late Saturday afternoon, a beach wedding! I stepped out on the balcony and quickly grabbed my camera to capture this picture. I love that people just kept walking on by and kids kept searching for sea shells. Someday I'd love to get married on the beach. Preferably Lake Michigan.

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