Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Saturday night was the night to dress up for Halloween this year. Who has a costume party on a Monday? After a trip to the Halloween supply store that morning, I decided to go as Lady Gaga (mostly because I wanted to buy a blonde wig). ALL the costumes are so boring and overpriced. One size fits all never fits my body either. If I was going to have to alter something, I figured I might as well make something and save money.

My Lady Gaga costume consisted of:
  • Black vinyl boots from Goodwill, $10. 
  • Fishnet tights, $6 at Lucy's Love Shop. 
  • White skirt I made from an 80s ball gown purchased at Goodwill, $10. 
  • Chloe sunglasses I've owned since high school, very Gaga. 
  • Gold belt, thrifted. 
  • Black mini dress, already owned.
  • Big hair bow was originally sewn to Jessica's dress she used for her costume.
  • Small cute black purse with gold chain, big enough to fit just a tube of lipstick and safety pins, thrifted.
  • Two sets of fake eyelashes and crazy makeup.
  • Blonde wig.

Jessica bought the same wig as me, but a shade darker. With lots of blood, a dress I bought in Muskegon, and a tiara, Jessica went as Carrie. As soon as I started splattering blood all over her, Matt walked up to my house, seeing us in our costumes for the first time. Strange sight, Lady Gaga pouring blood all over someone. I wish I had pictures of that. 

Before the Gaga makeup. Blonde wigs (or wigs drastically different from one's natural color) are so much fun! It's funny how I can  see the resemblance between my sister and I a bit more when I had this on. I can't wait to wear it again. Jessica and I are going to have some adventures to come.

I made Matt's priest costume from a button up at Goodwill for $3 and a scrap piece of purse handle. I cut the points of the collar off, folded it in half, top stitched the collar down and added the white strip to one side. It snaps to the other side of the collar from behind. I bought his black pants for $4. The entire costume cost $7 and took about an hour to make. Priest costumes of very poor quality at the Halloween store sold for $40! It's always so much better to make your own costume!

At a local bar with other girls in their costumes. Such a great night. Now time to make some hot coco and dress up my cats in their funny little costumes.

Did you make your costume this year? What did you all dress up as?

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  1. How fun! I dressed as a birds nest, and as a result am stilling pulling bits of 'nature' out of my hair three days later. Love Hallowe'en!

  2. My boyfriend and I watched movies while sewing Yip Yip costumes from scratch. He went in pink and I went in blue. We put little slits in the black "mouth" area so we could drink and made a sleeve for our right arms (to hold the bottles from which to drink, haha). It was so much fun, and YES making costumes is so much better than buying expensive ones.