Monday, October 31, 2011

A visit from Kaitlyn

For all you long time readers, you may remember my student, Kaitlyn. This time last year, she would come over to my apartment three to four times a week for sewing lessons. She was a senior in high school working on her "senior project". I helped her create a full line of recycled clothing for her January fashion show. 

Well, now she is a freshman at University of Georgia, studying fashion merchandising. She came to visit me on Saturday! We went out for breakfast at a diner a few blocks from my house, The Whistle Stop Cafe, to catch up on the last few months. She made a mess as usual. Clumsy Kaitlyn. 

I miss this girl so much! She has grown up so much in the time that I have known her. I am so proud of her and hope to see her face more often since she is a model in my upcoming fashion show! 

Happy Monday everyone! I'm so glad to have internet again in my home. I can finally get back to blogging on a regular basis. Sorry for the extended absence.

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