Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Etsy Review: Knickerocker Handmade Underwear

Shopping on Etsy can be very addicting. Especially when I decide I "need"(want) something like new underwear. And I'm really into high waisted underwear right now. Sometimes it's hard to find new shops on Etsy; there are so many. A great way to find new shops is treasuries! Treasuries are themed collections of products on Etsy. 

I saw these knickers (below) on the front page, which rotates the best treasuries every hour, and I HAD to check out the shop. They are from the shop Knickerocker. Within five minutes I had my cart up to five items, over $100. I had to step back, not be so impulsive, and think, which one do I want the most? These knickers are a steal for around $20 a pair! They're handmade by Nichola, and she makes them just for you with limited amounts of fabric for each design. I love knowing that very few people have the same underwear as me. It makes me feel special. And they were made for me, in my exact size.

The pair I bought, above. They are so comfortable! I can't even give this shop enough praise. They came wrapped up so cute and nice. I love them, and I can't wait to buy more from this shop.

The next set I want. Navy bralet and stripey knickers with peep hole. I LOVE the peep hole in the knickers! Anyone want to buy me these for Christmas (hint hint). Go check out this shop. And not to worry, if you don't like high waisted underwear, she makes low cut pairs as well, see nautical panties below.

When shopping handmade I always but one thing first from a shop, and after receiving the item, I'll continue to shop with that designer. There's nothing worse than getting something poorly made on Etsy and not finding out until you open the package you've been patiently waiting for. It's such a huge disappointment. A good way to shop on Etsy is to be sure to check the seller's feedback to get an idea of what you will receive. But not to worry, this shop is definitely one of the best on Etsy!

Knickerocker links:
Facebook page.
Etsy shop.

All photos taken from www.knickerocker.etsy.com.

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