Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I wore:: 11.9.11 -- Fall has arrived

Fall is finally in full swing in Augusta! Our "chilly" 60 degree highs with wind have brought on weather cold enough for tights. You'd think I'd be tougher having spent my first 24 years in Michigan, but sadly I'm not. I wear a sweater when it's less than 65 degrees. It's been in the 40s, sometimes 30s, at night. I love breaking out my wool skirts! But it's still warm enough for short sleeves. Thank you Georgia.

Outfit details:
Shoes: thrifted brown leather flats, $4. Tights: Target, $3.
Shirt: swapped. Skirt: wool, thrifted, part of a 2-pc set, $6.

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