Friday, November 11, 2011

Julie in the Brandi Dress

I love seeing photos from people wearing things I've created or repurposed; it makes my day! When I first started my shop I dreamed of one day walking down a city street and seeing a stranger sporting something I'd made. 

My friend, Julie, bought the Brandi Dress from me earlier this year. Check her out wearing it around San Diego!

Julie and I both went to Michigan State and waitressed together my sophomore year of college. She and I made an agreement back then, we must've been 19 or 20, that I'd make her a couture gown someday. And I fully intend to hold true to that promise. Wedding dress maybe? Hmm.. We'll see.

This is also the dress that was featured in Popcorn Magazine the guys of Wierhouse put out earlier this year.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm off to the printers! Then back home to sew some bra tops and panties. I can't wait for the fitting this weekend. All my models are coming over on Sunday to try on the new line for the fashion show. It's going to be here before I know it! More soon.

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