Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Mr. Mike Tyson

Any time I see a homeless, abandoned, or stray cats my heart sinks a little. I want to save every single one of them! And yesterday, I was part of saving one. Tuesday, I was taking Zeus outside to relieve himself when, out of no where, a crying fluffy cat ran onto my porch and towards Zeus and I. The cat didn't seem to care about Zeus, but only about food and pets. 

I went inside, filled up a small bowl of dry cat food, and placed it by my front door that isn't in use. The cat went to town and finished all his food by the time I went to work later that day. Now, I know it's bad to feed strays, because soon you will be feeding all the neighborhood strays, and stray cats have been known to spread feline leukemia to other outdoor house cats. I just couldn't help it. This cat was definitely abandoned and not a stray, he's too sweet and likes people too much. His fur is still very clean and white. I imagine he wasn't well fed and then kicked out of his house by a bad pet owner.

Matt came over last night after I got home from work, and the cat ran up to the door again. I explained where he'd come from and that I'd been feeding him. Matt was so excited he went outside and picked him up, the cat becoming a rag doll as soon as he was in Matt's arms. 

We opened the door and let Zeus see the cat Matt was still holding. Backstory, Zeus has been around my cats for a year now, and they still hate him. They hiss and beat him up and he is dying for them to be his friend; it's quite sad. Zeus is a big dopey Great Dane, Lab mix, and sweet as can be. So when this cat let Zeus sniff him and lick him and do whatever he wanted, Matt said, "I'M KEEPING HIM!" Zeus really needs a friend.

Yay! Saving strays! Matt named him Mike Tyson, he bats at Zeus in a really comical way, and he has a scratched inner eye lid that the vet will have to take a look at. In the meantime, since he's only going to be around a dog he just needs a flea bath and love. Shots can wait until he's acclimated to his new home. I made him a bed on my porch and he doesn't travel too far from my house. I can't wait for Matt to take him into his home!

Mike is pretty excited too. He just sits outside my door patiently waiting...

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  1. Such a great story and he is so cute!! Loving the it because of his scar? :) You are such a dear, Sally!! I'd give anything to have a kitty...and I love Clem's (?) scowl!

  2. Amberly--

    Matt named him Mike Tyson because of his "bum eye" and he bats at Zeus with both paws balancing on his hind legs like a boxer. Hopefully his face will heal. He's such a sweet boy.

    Clem was NOT happy he was on the porch. She kept attacking the glass haha.