Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Visiting the Strom Thurmond Dam on a Honda

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Georgia! With a high of 83 degrees I couldn't say no to my friend, Roland, that wanted to go for a motorcycle ride and drag me along.  Yes, you read that right, 83 degrees in November. Don't you want to live here?! We rode up to the Strom Thurmond Lake and Dam at Clark Hill in South Carolina.

How have I lived in Georgia for two years and have never visited this lake?! Georgia is on the Savannah River, and I go to the river all the time, but everyone always says, "Oh, I'm going to the lake." And to me, no lake is like Lake Michigan, so I've always written off this man-made lake and dismissed it as a hole in the ground. It is far from that. It's massive! Plus, you can't go wrong with hydroelectic power!

There is this awesome little visitors area on the side of the dam. There are holders for fishing poles, and according to Roland, you can catch from 40+ lb catfish at this spot! He says they sit waiting to feast on all the small fish that make it through the turbines of the dam.

Watching the water flow so fast beneath my feet gave me the dizziest sensation! The water from the turbines flows so much faster than a typical river flow. The current looks so strong I'm glad I was up on the cement pedestal. I kept feeling like I was falling backwards when I looked at my feet! I tried to capture that feeling in the above photo but it still doesn't do it justice. 

The other side of the dam from the visitors center. Calm and vast.

Roland and his beautiful Honda.


You have to admit, I look pretty badass on a bike. I would love my own motorcycle. My dad would flip out and tell me, "Sal! You can barely drive a car! NO MOTORCYCLE!!" And I'll laugh, agreeing that I'm not the best driver, I'm a little full of road rage with a car that doesn't have a working horn, but I think I could handle a little 400 pound motorcycle. Maybe a Honda Shadow. I'm going to keep my eye on Craigslist.

After our ride we had amazing salmon burgers at a swanky French restaurant in North Augusta. Next week, weather permitting, we're riding up to some cotton fields before they harvest the crops. I love cotton fields! Crossing my fingers is will be nice outside next week. 

And back to sewing. Hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday!

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1 comment:

  1. That is so beautiful and sounds like such a lovely day!! The video was great to watch, I love the sound of the motorcycle, and how amazing to have the open road in front of you, especially with the fall foliage! Your biker attire IS badass, especially loving your boots!

    Roland looks and sounds like a great friend to have!! Can't wait to hear about your cotton field adventures! How cool that you can visit another state on a whim and on a motorcycle...

    And oh yes, 83 in November is insane! So glad you took advantage and enjoyed the day :)