Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Lingerie Line -- a little preview!

Are you excited or what? 

My winter lingerie line is repurposed lingerie, hand dyed and made exclusively from vintage and recycled materials! The "hands on" theme is playful, sexy, and a little naughty at times. Mimicking places on the body that would be grabbed or handled, this lingerie is great to wear for yourself or your significant other. 

Debuting December 3rd at Sky City in Augusta, Georgia.
For sale December 3rd at midnight in my Etsy shop!

When most people think of lingerie they think Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood. If that is what your tastes prefer, this stuff is NOT for you. This lingerie is for women, not just for men. Sure, you can most definitely wear it for a man, but the main focus of my lingerie is comfort AND sex appeal. It's more about what is covered up than what is revealed. It's about making the woman feel beautiful, not objectified.

I think lingerie should be something you can fall asleep in, comfortably, and still roll over the next morning to your spouse and feel as beautiful as you did the night before. Or for the single ladies, wear it alone with a glass of wine and a good book. Plus, how romantic is it that the vintage fabric has it's own story and history. I like to imagine it saw a lot of love in it's lifetime and it's continuing on that path.

Following the initial 30 pieces that will be released December 3rd, will be more pieces in a wider variety of colors and sizes, so not to worry if you don't see something in your size or favorite color. Custom orders are welcome also! See something you like, let me know your size and what you desire.

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