Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Zeus - DIY Great Dane Bed

Zeus is a big dog. Very big. While he isn't a full blooded Great Dane (he's part lab), he is still quite hard to shop for in the bed department. Zeus is my boyfriend's dog, and spends quite a bit of time at my house. Poor boy isn't allowed on the furniture or bed (although I break this rule frequently) and I haven't found a store bought bed big enough for him. Most do beds look like pillows compared to Zeus.

While thrifting the other day, I found a toddler's mattress for only $4! I had the best idea, "that'd make a great Zeus bed!" This was my Christmas present to Zeus. A bed at for him at house.

For a similar project you will need:

  • 1 toddler bed, new or used. I only got this used one because it was plastic and in great condition. I spent $4.
  • two long zippers, mine were both 22".
  • an old comforter
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • sewing machine

Start by measuring the bed. Sides and width. Double this measurement and add two of three inches for seam allowance. This will be the width of your case. Now measure the length of the bed and add the height of the bed plus two inches for seam allowance. This will be the long side of your case. Cut your comforter to the measured size. 

Now to attach the zippers. You are basically making a giant pillowcase. Starting at the edge of the fabric Sew the first zipper to the long edge of the comforter. When you reach the end of your zipper, sew the next one on, with the tops of the zippers meeting. Sew the second zipper. You will have about 15 inches left, this will just be sewn to the other side of the comforter. 

Sew the zippers to the other long side of the fabric, making sure they match when zipped. Sew the rest of the long side together at the bottom of the second zipper to the end of the fabric. You will now have one long tube, with both ends open. These opening will be sewn closed next. 

With the zipper exactly in the middle, sew the ends closed. Make sure the zippers aren't completely zipper up when you get to this step or you will have a hard time flipping your case right side out. 

Now to box the corners of your case. The depth of my mattress was 6". Fold the corners into an exact point, with the bottom seam in the middle. At 6 1/2", sew from each edge. This will give the case the perfect depth and fit the mattress like a glove.

And now you are done. Getting the case on the mattress can be a little difficult since it's such a snug fitting case. Start with the end the doesn't have the zipper. Lay it on the floor, zipper side up, and slide the mattress into the case. Bending the top corners of the mattress slightly, bring the case over the other end of the mattress. Zip up and you're done! 

Optional extras: add handles to the sides of your case for easy moving throughout your house. Also, you can use your excess comforter fabric to make a cute dog pillow, using every scrap piece for the case AND stuffing. This could be a zero waste profect! I'm making Zeus' matching pillow later today with the scraps.

Big dumb Zeus loves his new bed. If only he could learn how to always lay on it. Big dogs can be quite destructive to furniture, I've learned this since Matt and I have been dating. So be kind and make sure they have their own bed to lay on. Zeus loves his bed so much! Merry Christmas buddy!

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  1. Matt (the owner of that beast)December 23, 2011 at 12:28 PM


  2. We have a 2 year old Great Dane and she would love this! Her current bed is round with a large depression in the middle. Thank you for the great idea!

  3. I just built a bed for my Dane, but he won't use it because the toddler mattress is so wobbly. If he can't stand on it, he won't lie down on it. I haven't started the mattress cover yet, but I was thinking I was going to have to use a memory foam topper. Did the comforter make it more stable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Mine is kind of wobbly with the springs, but Zeus doesn't mind because he's nuts. I bet a memory foam would help though! Best of luck and I hope he likes it!