Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Etsy Review: Knickerocker Handmade Underwear

Shopping on Etsy can be very addicting. Especially when I decide I "need"(want) something like new underwear. And I'm really into high waisted underwear right now. Sometimes it's hard to find new shops on Etsy; there are so many. A great way to find new shops is treasuries! Treasuries are themed collections of products on Etsy. 

I saw these knickers (below) on the front page, which rotates the best treasuries every hour, and I HAD to check out the shop. They are from the shop Knickerocker. Within five minutes I had my cart up to five items, over $100. I had to step back, not be so impulsive, and think, which one do I want the most? These knickers are a steal for around $20 a pair! They're handmade by Nichola, and she makes them just for you with limited amounts of fabric for each design. I love knowing that very few people have the same underwear as me. It makes me feel special. And they were made for me, in my exact size.

The pair I bought, above. They are so comfortable! I can't even give this shop enough praise. They came wrapped up so cute and nice. I love them, and I can't wait to buy more from this shop.

The next set I want. Navy bralet and stripey knickers with peep hole. I LOVE the peep hole in the knickers! Anyone want to buy me these for Christmas (hint hint). Go check out this shop. And not to worry, if you don't like high waisted underwear, she makes low cut pairs as well, see nautical panties below.

When shopping handmade I always but one thing first from a shop, and after receiving the item, I'll continue to shop with that designer. There's nothing worse than getting something poorly made on Etsy and not finding out until you open the package you've been patiently waiting for. It's such a huge disappointment. A good way to shop on Etsy is to be sure to check the seller's feedback to get an idea of what you will receive. But not to worry, this shop is definitely one of the best on Etsy!

Knickerocker links:
Facebook page.
Etsy shop.

All photos taken from www.knickerocker.etsy.com.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Castillo de San Marcos

I almost forgot to share these photos! While in Saint Augustine the weekend before last, Matt and I visited this fort, Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest fort in the United States. 

With volunteers that just finished firing the cannons in 17th century Spanish uniforms.

The courtyard.

You can barely see it, but the arrow points to the lighthouse we visited, across the harbor. The volunteers are the fort told us the small 6 pound cannons could reach that lighthouse! I can only imagine how far the big ones went. Historians at the fort said in the 1500s, they could hit a ship a mile away!

I love that Matt's shadow is in this photo.

Standing on the edge of the fort.

My favorite picture from our visit to the fort. As we were leaving, two small children were running as fast as they could across the wooden bridge, over the moat, to enter the fort. Oh how I miss the excitement of everything when you're a child. Everything is so magical.

A lookout point were soldiers would stand watch for other ships and enemies. Some of the original plaster can still be seen in this photo. 

Florida was so amazing; I can't wait to go back. 

Happy Monday everyone. Back to work for me. I'm a busy bee all week getting ready for my fashion show this weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Just one week away...

Poster by Wierhouse. Hand silk screen prints will be available at my show, numbered and signed. I'm going to frame one for my sewing room. They're so pretty! I'm always impressed with Wierhouse's work.

Now time to build a runway for next weekend's show.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving ♥ Pecan Pie

Oh how I love to bake. I just finished a pecan pie with hearts on the crust, a pumpkin cake roll, and spinach balls. Tomorrow morning, I will make sweet potato souffle and cranberry relish. I'm celebrating the holiday with my boyfriend's family since I do not have any family in Augusta. I can't wait to stuff my body with excess carbs and spirits.

What are your Thanksgiving plans and favorite dishes to make?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saint Augustine Lighthouse

What a weekend! While in Saint Augustine for the weekend, Matt and I spent every minute we could absorbing the history of America's oldest city. Bright and early Saturday morning, we went to the Saint Augustine lighthouse. It was breathtaking! Completed in 1874, after the previous lighthouse fell into the ocean, this lighthouse stands at 165 feet, one of the tallest in the nation.

After we purchased our tickets, we followed a path through the woods to find the lighthouse. It was like we were in the ABC TV show Lost, wandering through the tropical forest. Then out of nowhere....

The lighthouse! It reminded us of the episodes where the characters on Lost would be wandering through the jungle, and then out of no where a building appears. Can you see it through the trees in the above picture?!

Locals saved the lighthouse from near destruction and restored it to it's natural beauty. It was so interesting to walk up the massive number of steps, knowing that caretakers of the lighthouse had to haul huge heavy containers of oil to keep the fuse lit for signaling ships. There was a large iron buckets for us to pick up for comparision and boy were they heavy! It was hard enough climbing to the top!

The land mass behind us is Anastasia National Park where, hopefully, we'll go camping on next time we visit Saint Augustine. It wasn't there until the 1960s when the Army Corps of engineers dug the waterway deeper for larger ships. I can't wait to come back, and we'll go kayaking, hiking, maybe surfing, and picnic on the beach. It'll be amazing.

Looking down from the top. The museum we visited to read more about local history.

This is definitely the best view of Saint Augustine, at the top of the lighthouse, with a 360 degree view! It was amazing. Florida is such a beautiful state. And I can't believe it was over 80 degrees in late November!

While I am not afraid of heights, looking down the stairwell made me a little shaky. I picked a bad day to wear a skirt. Walking down the stairs I held onto both railings and breathed slowly, trying to remain calm. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

300th blog post!

So ohmigoodness, this is my 300th blog post! 300!? It seems like just yesterday I first started blogging, living in Michigan in a tiny apartment making handbags, custom clothing, and sewing 40 hours a week.

A huge thanks to everyone that reads this little blog. I love you all and cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support over the last three years. Here's hoping for another three! And get ready, there will be so many new things in 2012! I'm boycotting retail shopping again next year. NO NEW CLOTHES FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! While I did this in 2010, I didn't blog about it enough.

I can't wait to share tips and tricks on skipping the mall and stores that sell manufactured clothes, opting for thrifting, reconstructing and updating old clothes, and resale shopping. And let's not forget the potential in clothing swaps! Plus a new line of lingerie is coming out in two weeks. So many things going on!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Lingerie Line -- a little preview!

Are you excited or what? 

My winter lingerie line is repurposed lingerie, hand dyed and made exclusively from vintage and recycled materials! The "hands on" theme is playful, sexy, and a little naughty at times. Mimicking places on the body that would be grabbed or handled, this lingerie is great to wear for yourself or your significant other. 

Debuting December 3rd at Sky City in Augusta, Georgia.
For sale December 3rd at midnight in my Etsy shop!

When most people think of lingerie they think Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood. If that is what your tastes prefer, this stuff is NOT for you. This lingerie is for women, not just for men. Sure, you can most definitely wear it for a man, but the main focus of my lingerie is comfort AND sex appeal. It's more about what is covered up than what is revealed. It's about making the woman feel beautiful, not objectified.

I think lingerie should be something you can fall asleep in, comfortably, and still roll over the next morning to your spouse and feel as beautiful as you did the night before. Or for the single ladies, wear it alone with a glass of wine and a good book. Plus, how romantic is it that the vintage fabric has it's own story and history. I like to imagine it saw a lot of love in it's lifetime and it's continuing on that path.

Following the initial 30 pieces that will be released December 3rd, will be more pieces in a wider variety of colors and sizes, so not to worry if you don't see something in your size or favorite color. Custom orders are welcome also! See something you like, let me know your size and what you desire.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Visiting the Strom Thurmond Dam on a Honda

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Georgia! With a high of 83 degrees I couldn't say no to my friend, Roland, that wanted to go for a motorcycle ride and drag me along.  Yes, you read that right, 83 degrees in November. Don't you want to live here?! We rode up to the Strom Thurmond Lake and Dam at Clark Hill in South Carolina.

How have I lived in Georgia for two years and have never visited this lake?! Georgia is on the Savannah River, and I go to the river all the time, but everyone always says, "Oh, I'm going to the lake." And to me, no lake is like Lake Michigan, so I've always written off this man-made lake and dismissed it as a hole in the ground. It is far from that. It's massive! Plus, you can't go wrong with hydroelectic power!

There is this awesome little visitors area on the side of the dam. There are holders for fishing poles, and according to Roland, you can catch from 40+ lb catfish at this spot! He says they sit waiting to feast on all the small fish that make it through the turbines of the dam.

Watching the water flow so fast beneath my feet gave me the dizziest sensation! The water from the turbines flows so much faster than a typical river flow. The current looks so strong I'm glad I was up on the cement pedestal. I kept feeling like I was falling backwards when I looked at my feet! I tried to capture that feeling in the above photo but it still doesn't do it justice. 

The other side of the dam from the visitors center. Calm and vast.

Roland and his beautiful Honda.


You have to admit, I look pretty badass on a bike. I would love my own motorcycle. My dad would flip out and tell me, "Sal! You can barely drive a car! NO MOTORCYCLE!!" And I'll laugh, agreeing that I'm not the best driver, I'm a little full of road rage with a car that doesn't have a working horn, but I think I could handle a little 400 pound motorcycle. Maybe a Honda Shadow. I'm going to keep my eye on Craigslist.

After our ride we had amazing salmon burgers at a swanky French restaurant in North Augusta. Next week, weather permitting, we're riding up to some cotton fields before they harvest the crops. I love cotton fields! Crossing my fingers is will be nice outside next week. 

And back to sewing. Hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Last night has finally come and gone, fitting day. Most of the models for my upcoming lingerie show came over and tried on everything. It was a huge success and all the girls looked so beautiful! The show is going to be here before I know it, ah!

The show is December 3rd, at 10:30. At midnight on December 3rd, the line will be sale to the public, after the runway show has concluded. The event is being held at a large local music venue, Sky City. There will be a few live bands and a live DJ that will also be wearing a piece from my line. 

For last night's fitting, I bought a few boxes of wine (so classy huh? ha), put out some veggies and munchies, and photographed each girl in the pieces that fit them. Now I will sit in front of my computer figuring out who looks best in which piece. Tough decisions, especially for the girls that look good in more than 5 pieces!

Cory was the last girl of the night, and we had a little fun with photos. She was so kind in complimenting my work when we got the chance to sit and chat during the one-on-one fitting. She told me how my lingerie was lingerie for women. Not for men. Sure, men will love it, but it makes the woman feel beautiful first and foremost. And that is exactly what I strive to make. She gets it. Comfortable, sexy lingerie that doesn't suck, tuck, or push any body parts. It's lingerie you can fall asleep in, wake up, roll over with sexy bed head, and still feel beautiful.

I hate the idea of lingerie being designed to suit a man's idea of beauty. Boobs pushed up to the chin, flattening a woman's stomach, which we all have, and lifting things that aren't deemed "fit". No woman is perfect, and no body is free of flaws. If a woman, herself, feels beautiful and sexy, the man should see that in her or his loss. And THAT is what lingerie should be.

I am very proud of my line, and very proud of myself. I think you all will love it too. I'm taking the day off from sewing and to journal and drink tea. I need to reboot... this weekend was too long and I didn't get much down time. 

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Julie in the Brandi Dress

I love seeing photos from people wearing things I've created or repurposed; it makes my day! When I first started my shop I dreamed of one day walking down a city street and seeing a stranger sporting something I'd made. 

My friend, Julie, bought the Brandi Dress from me earlier this year. Check her out wearing it around San Diego!

Julie and I both went to Michigan State and waitressed together my sophomore year of college. She and I made an agreement back then, we must've been 19 or 20, that I'd make her a couture gown someday. And I fully intend to hold true to that promise. Wedding dress maybe? Hmm.. We'll see.

This is also the dress that was featured in Popcorn Magazine the guys of Wierhouse put out earlier this year.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm off to the printers! Then back home to sew some bra tops and panties. I can't wait for the fitting this weekend. All my models are coming over on Sunday to try on the new line for the fashion show. It's going to be here before I know it! More soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top secret photo shoot

Last night, my photographer David, Matt and I had a little photo shoot in his studio. It's getting close to my runway show, which means I need a poster to hang around town! David photographed my very first collection of lingerie last January, and I love working with him.

The sketch of what I wanted my posters to look like. Someone's behind in lingerie, lit from one side. Sexy and suggestive but not too much skin. Something that will stop heads on the street and say, "A lingerie fashion show? I'm definitely going!" 

I picked out a handful of my favorite pieces from the new collection and we all went up to his third floor studio that was a handkerchief factory decades ago. His studio space is about 4,000 square feet and so amazing! There are so many old relics from past tenants, old couches, lamps, etc.

We popped open a bottle of Merlot and got to work. 

Playing with the upright bass David uses for many of his shoots. David specializes in suggested nude photography. The women he shoots wear nothing but you can't see anything. It's all suggested and highly controlled lighting. He does such beautiful work that really accentuates the female form. 

I can't wait to get the images from David, then Matt and I will design the rest of the poster, adding all the info. Then it's off to the printers! I'm so thankful to have such handy men in my life. Thanks Matt and David!