Monday, January 23, 2012

Drab to Fab - Changing a blouse's neckline DIY
A Saturday Night Out- What I Wore:: 1.21.12

I've owned this silk floral blouse for years, and it has never left the hanger in my closet for more than an hour. I've tried it on, and put it right back. The above picture is after, below picture, before. I probably bought it for less than $5 at Goodwill, I vaguely remember buying it when I was expanding my wardrobe for the business casual dress code when I was a seamstress at David's Bridal. The neckline was always what bothered me. It was too high and very dated. I did love how it was baggy, silk, and floral.

Saturday night was Matt's boss, Chuck Williams, was celebrating his 60th birthday! And I had nothing to wear! Thirty minutes before we had to be to dinner, I decided to tackle this neckline. Matt is in radio, and is a local on-air personality at 95 Rock, Augusta's Rock Station. So Chuck's birthday party was a huge bash at a local bar, 1102, with a Tom Petty cover band, Pretty Petty, and loads of fun. 

For a similar alteration, you will need:
  • scissors
  • shirt
  • matching fabric for facing
  • tape measure
  • chalk
To sew, (sorry I was in such a rush I didn't take pictures) start by drawing the neckline you desire, on the front and back of your shirt. Cut. Grab matching fabric to use for facing. Use your new neckline to trace a front and back facing, about two inches wide and the shape of the neckline. Sew these two pieces together and then sew to the shirt, pinning good sides together, and sew. Top stitch the facing down (optional) and press. That's it! New shirt!

I love low scooped backs! This shirt was so comfortable and I received so many compliments on it. I can't wait to do this to more shirts. 

And these are the awesome shoes I wore, $2.99 at Salvation Army.

Matt and I at 1102. We had such a great time with our friends! 

Questions? Comments!?

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  1. I love how you reinvented the neckline. I only buy clothes at Goodwill or similiar shops. I allow myself to spend christmas money at retail store since their are great sales then but end up regreting my purchase. I have a similiar shirt that needs this. Small world, I love cats and checked out the pics of your cuties and see you are a former Muskegon girl. That is where I live!! Anna

    1. Wow small world! I went to Mona Shores high school and lived in Muskegon all my life until college. Yay Michigan!! <3

      Good for you only shopping Goodwill! It's so much more fun to shop for clothes, such an adventure! I go to a retail store and cringe at 10 of the same thing in different sizes.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

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  3. Gorgeous! Your blog is such an inspiration to me :) One of these days (when I get a sewing machine), I'm going to alter all kinds of things in my closet!!