Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indie Darling - Slacker Beanie

My goal for 2012: only buy handmade and second hand. It's really not that hard if you really love what you are buying. You end up buying less and wearing what you buy a whole lot more. When a item of clothing carries more importance to you, you'll naturally love wearing it more, and get so much more use out of it. This is certainly the case with my new Slacker Beanie from Mandy of Miss Indie's shop, Indie Darling.

I ordered the Slacker Beanie in denim blue, and it only cost $25. Not bad for something handmade by an actual human, whose face you can see and whose life you can read about on her blog. Mandy has a really fun blog full of pretty things, vintage finds, inspirational thoughts, and DIYs from all over the internet! I first found her on Twitter a few years ago, when she was on Etsy, and loved her chunky crocheted designs.

I wear this hat a lot around the house, since my hair is finally to the length that I can shove it in a hat and focus on work instead of styling my thick rat's nest. And now that it's cold out, it's great to keep my head warm and wear out on errands and to work. It's so comfortable! This hat would be great for anyone with a lot of hair, and even for guys with dreads! (Don't mind my extremely messy work room in the background!)

Clementine getting in on my photo shoot. She was not happy and wanted me to put her down as soon as my camera went on the tripod. The winter months have definitely been kind to Clem's waistline. I never realize how heavy she is until I see her in pictures. Much like how I gauge my weight, ha. It's pretty bad when friends refer to her as "the big bitchy one". But I still love her more than anything.

Check out more hats and goodies from Indie Darling.

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  1. You are so beautiful Sally!! And with your kitty companion, I love the first photo, Clem's eyes are darling!! :) The beanie fits you like a dream and it is so well made!! I love the design of it! I am definitely bookmarking Mandy's shop! Thank you for the heads up!

    Have a great weekend!