Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ringing in 2012 with style

I started a tradition last new years, to have a cocktail party at my house, inviting close friends, dressing pretty and celebrate the New Year with style and grace. Since Christmas is always away from family, New Years is my holiday of choice. 

This year, my apartment is twice the size, allowing for a larger party, and on a grander scale. My apartment is a lare part of a grand historic home, built in 1891 and retaining many of it's original charm. All hard wood floors, high ceilings, pocket doors, chandeliers, warm colors, and very inviting. I made two bowls of punch, appetizers, and enlisted a few friends help with setting up, and had Matt help me make my apartment presentable. 

Enjoy some photos of the lovely night:

Katie, Jessica, and I.

What did I say, Katie?

Jason's date, Ursula. She got dressed up in my dress from last year.

With the lovely Jessica. I tailored her dress to fit her twenty minutes before guests arrive. It's pretty handy having a seamstress/designer for a friend, eh Jessica?

My dress is from the 1950s, two piece set, jacket not shown, bought at a local vintage clothing store. I shortened it about 10 inches, took in the halter, and replaced the buttons on the waist, as the original had lost some of the rhinestones. The jacket was the best part and I'm sad there weren't any pictures of me wearing it. It was lined with the cream satin and attached to the dress by the buttons on the dresses waist. It was like a vintage female tuxedo.

Matt and I. Sneaking in a kiss before midnight.

Rachael and Katie.

Getting ready for the champagne toast!

Matt and I. It's funny how much we look the same compared to last year's picture.

With Matt's parents! They surprised us and stopped in around 11.

Sarah and I.

Happy New Year!!!

I love Alicia's face reacting to Jason's noisemaker at midnight. Priceless.

I hope you all enjoyed your New Years with your loved ones. I had the best night! 

Next post: before pictures of my New Years Dress! 
And a tutorial on how to shorten a dress with an invisible hem.

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  1. You and Matt are so incredibly gorgeous and adorable at the same time! I can see how much you care for each other through pictures :)

    Your apartment looks stunning and I'm sure everyone had a great time! Everyone is so stylish and joyful!!

    And yes, Jessica is very, very lucky to have a seamstress as a friend! I wish you were closer to me Sally, to touch all my nonsense up! I found a pair of jeans that I would love to make into a 'relaxed' or skinny pair... theres a blog, Lions, Tigers and Fashion Oh MY! and she always changes up jeans and pants to make them skinny, hopefully she'll do a tutorial soon! Have you ever altered pants in this way?

    *Sorry for the long-comment...I should just email you this question but I'm on a tiny, crappy computer :(

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Sally, Matt, Zeus, Stella and Clementine! :)

  2. As far as altering jeans, it's a little tricky because the inner seams as top stitched. I'll see if I can come up with a skinny jeans tutorial. Matt's been bothering me to alter some of his jeans too.

    Happy new year!!!<3