Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Gotye featuring Kimbra - Somebody that I used to know

Not many new bands these days suck me in, causing me to listen to their music nonstop. Recent favorites like Bon Iver and Feist keep my music appetite fed, and I'm generally content with the great bands I already know. After an invigorating morning workout today with Matt and Zeus, I took a second look at this amazing video Matt had shown me last weekend, from the one man band, Gotye, "Somebody that I used to know."

You have to watch this video! If you do not immediately want to watch it a second time, then there is no hope for your musical tastes. His voice is so beautiful, sad, and haunting. The lyrics are something most people can relate to who have experienced love and a failed relationship.

Kimbra's vocals on the track are an added bonus and unexpected. Just when the song wouldn't get any better, the camera panned right and Kimbra began to sing. Her voice is beautiful. And the added perspective the lyrics bring the song to another level. Is it bad that it reminds me of "Nothing Better" by the Postal Service? Sorry, I was emo in my teenage years.

My favorite song on his recent album, Making Mirrors, is Bronte. See the music video here.

The rest of his album is equally amazing, and he has two studio albums before this as well! Check out his album on iTunes.

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  1. Beautiful video.

    Funny, sort of reminds me of Kings of Convenience. I'm assuming you know of them already. Weirdly, Feist appears on this album long before her "1,2,3,4" fame.


  2. So, so good!! I discovered this after Elle Goulding (another great artist you may like) tweeted it to her followers! I love your description of Goyte's voice, and I agree. This is extremely catchy and heart wrenching. Cheers to new music, love!! Thank you for sharing this here!

  3. I'm apparently stalking your music posts today. I've loved Kimbra ever since I heard this song... SO good. Love her voice and her quirkiness.