Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Robyn, a fun, spunky, pint-sized pop star.

I have been obsessed with this music video by Robyn since I came across it on YouTube last year. I must have watched it three times in a row when I first found it. Then I went over to iTunes and bought the entire album, Body Talk. Watch the video, "Call Your Girlfriend" below: 

Robyn is a pint sized pop star from Sweden. You may remember her single in the 90s, "Show Me Love." Her recent album, "Body Talk" is so infectious and melodic. I listen to it from start to finish while sewing. Not many albums are good enough to listen to in their entirety, especially while I'm working, but this album definitely passes that test. It is so upbeat; nothing can be sad when Robyn is playing! And her dancing! I love her quirky moves. I'd like to think I dance a little strange like Robyn when I lose myself on the dance floor. 

While I'm not really one for pop music, Robyn is the true exception I will make if I had to pick just one pop star. I actually found this video while (sadly) watching Lady Gaga music videos. Yes. I admit it. I listen to Lady Gaga from time to time. But back to Robyn. Robyn definitely trumps Gaga, and it has even been reported that Gaga took many cues from Robyn years ago when she was starting out. 

Robyn makes me want to cut my hair short and dye it blonde! Oh how I miss being blonde.

Another great Robyn video, "Dancing On My Own":

What are you favorite bands right now? What are you listening to while you work?

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  1. I used to belt it out to Robyn....I still like her :)


  2. I've loved Robyn since back in the day. When I heard her new sound, I fell in love instantly! My favorite song of hers is Konichiwa Bitches... so fun. :)


  3. I really enjoyed the video, what I would give to dance in a space like that...lighting on my command -- haha!

    Also check out Foster the People's "Torches" album, it took some getting used to, but now I love listening to it the whole way through! Its pretty incredible and has become my go-to album :)