Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moon River, cover by the Honey Trees
...and the original by Audrey Hepburn

A beautiful cover of the song Audrey Hepburn sings in the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by The Honey Trees. If you like this, their album "Wake the Earth" is beautiful. The Honey Trees are a "dream pop" band consisting of just two people, Becky and Jacob. I'm listening to their album today as I sew. Check it out on iTunes and buy it!

I love the song Audrey sings in the movie, "Moon River" by Henry Mancini. It was almost cut from the film, and a Paramount executive said, "Over my dead body!" Good thing. Because it is such a beautiful scene. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of my favorites. I absolutely adore this film! I think every little girl watches this movie, idolizing Audrey and her character Holly Golightly. The stylish, fun-loving, independent city girl that falls in love. You don't realize until years the lifestyle of the main characters, Holly's love interest is a writer with a married sugar mama, and Holly is basically a call girl, with her income solely coming from the dates she goes on with successful men. That aside, it's a beautiful story and a great film.

This iconic movie has influenced so many New York and Manhattan based romantic comedies, "Barefoot in the Park, "Sex and The City" and so many more. Everything about Breakfast at Tiffany's is so lovely. Can you believe there are people that have never seen it (cough cough Matt)?! I think I've convinced him to watch it with me soon.

A little something extra for you Sex and the City fans. Remember the scene in Sex and the City, when Big is moving to California. Carrie and Big dance to Moon River in his living room, and it's so sweet. I'm pretty sure it made me cry once or twice. I've definitely cried at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's more than once. Oh I'm such a sap.

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  2. I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's and I'm ashamed! So lovely...my grandma loved this song too...whenever I hear it I get goosebumps!