Friday, February 24, 2012

How to change a t-shirt's neckline DIY
Marc Maron rocks!
What I Wore :: 2.23.12

Matt and I went and saw Marc Maron in Atlanta last month. It was such a great show; he's so funny. It was a great atmosphere with less than 50 people in the audience, a very intimate show. I love Marc Maron! He is a cat guy too, and his WTF podcast is hilarious. I had to have a cat shirt! Yay for kitties. Marc records his podcast from his home, called the cat ranch. 

I'm listening to today's podcast while I write this post. Download it here.

Blurry Marc Maron and I after the show. Way to go, Matt, geez. (just kidding). Marc was so great and super nice. 

Matt bought me a sweet shirt after the show. Since I never wear high necked tees, I had to cut up and sew this shirt before I could wear it. So here is a fun tutorial on how to change the neckline and sleeves of a standard t-shirt. Marc Maron has three cats, and on the shirt he is yelling at his cat Boomer. I thought it'd be funny and silly to take some after pictures doing the same to Clementine. She was just rolling around the whole time. 

Enjoy this simple tutorial and fun cat pictures!

Before. A medium men's shirt. Marc didn't have any women's shirts at his show so I had to get this one. But he does have women's shirts on his site! Buy yours here.

1. Use chalk to draw the new neckline. Do not cut more than an inch or two from the hem on the original neckline or you will end up with an extreme boat neck. 2. Cut a strip of fabric to use for the new neckline. I chose tan cotton. 3. Measure the opening of the new neckline and cut the strip of fabric that length plus one inch for seam allowance. Press the fabric bad sides together, lengthwise. Sew end to end, good sides together, creating a loop. Place the seam at the side seam on the neckline and sew the neckline to the t-shirt, good sides together. 4. Top stitch on the t-shirt, with the raw edge of the seam pressed down and caught by the stitch.

For the sleeves, 1. Cut to desired length. 2. Using a double folded hem. stitch the sleeves on the machine. 3. Stay on the inside edge of the seam. 4. Voila, so easy, you're done!

Showing me her fat tummy. Clem seriously needs to go on a diet.

My fat Clementine was a sport while taking these pictures. She was groaning at me by the time I was finishing up. I had to put down cat nip to get her to stay in place and lock Zeus out of the kitchen. I love my big fat cat. Stella too. She was nearby watching the picture taking, glad she wasn't being forced into pictures. 

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Have a great Friday.

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  1. Nice, but I would line the sleeves too.

  2. how ridiculously fun! i love maron, and i love fashion. never thought those two would be combined so well. thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love this! I always have a tendency of tossing shirts to the goodwill when the neckline shrinks from over-washing. hahah. I need to try to do this.

  4. Cool tutorial - thanks! I have heaps of tshirts that i can now upcycle!

  5. Hi Sally Anne! I loved the tutorial! I thought you and your fans might want to check out our newly patented jewelry that transforms T-Shirts, Tanks and Dresses into something gorgeous! Like The Shring on Facebook or check it out on Thanks! :-) Noel