Monday, February 20, 2012

Lake Michigan in February

I went home the for my birthday to visit my family and the Great Lakes state on a long weekend. This mild winter and little snow isn't at all like what I remember winter in Michigan! Four days, three nights; was the perfect winter visit. The one thing I wanted to be sure to photograph was the beautiful lake I grew up on, Lake Michigan.

I've lived in the south for over two years now, and our idea of winter in Georgia is long sleeves and socks with your shoes. You may have to wear a coat, but that's not for more than a month or two. By March it's back to t-shirts and shorts. Very different from what I remember growing up. In Michigan it's layer upon layer, warm boots, long Johns, ear muffs or hat, scarves, gloves, the works! 

While I miss having a "white Christmas" sometimes, I do not miss the cold winters! I was lucky enough to see some snow in Michigan, it snowed the morning I arrived and stayed all weekend, just a few inches. 

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  1. I peeped over at your blog and saw you made a new post :) I really want to visit Michigan myself one day, I have some cousins that live up there. Then again, I think I'm a little spoiled to this Georgia weather...