Saturday, March 31, 2012

A night out with "my models" and friends

All the models for my upcoming show are regular local women. They're ages 21-35, all shapes and sizes, and as different as women come. Since they don't all know each other, I thought it'd be fun, before the actual show, to get as many of them together as I could and have them meet. We rendezvoused at my place of work, Still Water Taproom, where I am the Happy Hour bartender on weekdays. With bluegrass and alternative music playing (anything from Yo La Tengo to Avett Brothers to Miles Davis) and 18 beers on tap, it's my favorite bar in town.

What a better place to meet then on pitcher night?! I bought the first few pitchers of Guinness, turning a few girls onto the best beer in the world, telling them how few calories and alcohol a pint contains, compared to other beer. Plus the taste is unparalleled. Ah Guinness. Model friends + Guinness + chatting about life = ingredients for a great night. We all had such a great time chatting and getting to know each other better. 
Dom and I. Dom is a dancer, singer, model, fitness trainer and mother. A woman of many talents. I'm glad I convinced her to model in my show. We finally had the chance to become better acquainted and had many laughs.
Carley and Samantha. Carley was also a model in my last show. She is so beautiful! And I believe this is Samantha's first runway show as a model. She is a hair stylist and usually on the other side of the chair. Her salon, Modish, puts on many hair shows around Augusta. This time she'll get to sit back and get beautified herself.
Samantha and Joan. It is also Joan's first time on the runway; she is so lovely and sweet. We first met this past Halloween when I was dressed as Lady Gaga. Since we were both wearing wigs when we met, it was always confusing when I'd see her around town and we'd meet again. It was quite humorous. I can't wait for her long slender frame to show off my work!
And after a few beers we broke out the red lipstick. Every gal should have a tube of red lipstick! Since I've changed how I wear my hair (I'm trying to grow out my bangs), I've changed my makeup routine a bit. Red lipstick has been really fun since my skin is still quite pale. Jamie's short hair and minimal makeup was perfect to give the bold look a try. I think I convinced Jamie to be daring and embrace red lips. She looked fabulous. 
David, my amazing photographer friend and colleague. He shoots all my work and shows. And a fellow Guinness drinker. Love this guy!
What a great evening with beautiful friends. I can't wait for the show! I've decided to up my collection, so  I'll be sewing all weekend. With 17 models, the collection was set at 40 pieces. I figured, "what the hell, let's shoot for 50!" My last show was 30 pieces and 13 models. Have to keep upping the ante right? What's the point of another show if it's not bigger and better than the first?! So my work is never done. I've created so many beautiful sets but the collection isn't yet complete. Soon. I hope. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, March 30, 2012

In a garden with Zeus - What I wore :: 3.28.12

After an afternoon trip to the dog park at Pendleton King, Zeus and I went exploring around the park. About 50 yards from the dog park entrance the brick wall for this little garden is visible behind hedges. It appears to be the edge of the park, but I thought there may be something more. Jackpot! It is the quaintest little garden with stone statues, flowers in full bloom, and a fountain that isn't yet full of water. The park staff must still be waiting for when spring is in full swing. I want to bring Matt back next time and have a picnic on the grass. 
Outfit details:
T-shirt: swapped. Shorts: thrifted, $1.
Belt: Salvation Army, $1. Shoes: thrifted, $3.
Lipstick: Estee Lauder. Purse in background: Bird Trouble.

After taking a handful of photos, I closed the old gate and let Zeus off his leash to explore, crossing my fingers he wouldn't jump over the brick wall after he'd jumped up on the garden's higher walls where the flower beds lay. He ran all over, tried drinking water from a muddy puddle, tried rolling in mud, and went absolutely nuts!

Thank goodness he didn't realize he could jump up on the edge of the fountain above and jump in the water. Zeus is quite bold and adventurous sometimes and I really hold my breath that he will be on his best behavior. Such a silly dog. I love adventures with Zeus.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almost two weeks away...

Now time to go hang these posters all over town! Have a great day everyone!

And don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter for sweet discounts. I'm having a huge sale before the show and you can only get the discount code in your inbox from the newsletter!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Air - Sexy Boy

With my next fashion show fast approaching, I keep thinking about what music will play as the beautiful ladies walk down the runway. My friend, Danny, is flying in for the weekend all the way from Bahrain to DJ the event. Seriously, halfway around the world! I feel so honored and special that he is coming all that way just for my show. I can't wait to see that he has in mind for music!

The last show, I was a little more involved in the music selection, giving DJ Cielo one song to base the rest of her set on, Air's "Sexy Boy". In my mind it is the epitome of runway songs! I LOVE AIR! Sexy boy has a great beat, nice low end bass, catchy chorus, and beautiful French lyrics in between. I listened to Air a lot while making the winter line of lingerie. Check out the fun video below from my favorite French band:

And check out the videos from my December fashion show here and here.

Just a little over two weeks until my next show! AH! ...OK. Back to work. Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kayaking with Dad on the Augusta Canal

The Savannah River view from the Savannah Rapids Pavillion. It's that beautiful?! Views like this make it worthwhile to live in the summer sauna that is Augusta, Georgia. This dam was built to slow down the river and channel the water into the Augusta Canal, it's floodgates behind where I stand while taking this pictures. First thought up and designed in the 1830s, it was constructed mid-1800s to power industial mills along the canal and in the downtown of Augusta. When farmers brought all their cotton to Augusta, it was milled and refined in the mills and then shipped off on boats off the Savannah River. Read more about the history of Augusta here.
I must say it was a little terrifying standing on the other side of this railing. Only a few inches of pavement behind me, and a 50 foot drop to the fast moving water below! I'm all geared up for kayaking with Dad and Sue. Sun hat, shades, cut-offs, and my Crocs.

This picture was tricky. It's such a rush to sit on this cement slab, teetering over the edge. I kept leaning forward to take the picture and then realizing "that's not the best of ideas, Sally." Haha. I love heights. So exhilarating.
Dad and Sue, floodgates behind them. When we signed up to kayak, I thought it would be on the Savannah River and was so excited. Matt and I love the river, and I couldn't wait to float past where we always go and show my dad, who was visiting from Michigan, my Georgia life. But the naturally occuring rocks make it difficult to navigate, and the slow moving canal was definitely the better alternative for us novice kayakers. 
 You wish you had a cool fanny pack like me, don't you?!
Dad and Sue on the river. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day. The whole trip was about two and a half hours down river. We rented the kayaks and were dropped off at the pavillion, ending at the rental place downtown. We saw no other kayakers, but many cyclists and runners along the canal. I can't wait to someday own a kayak and make this a regular outdoor activity.
But note to self: get a kayak with a rudder. As soon as I would stop paddling, I would float in any direction, my kayak moving sideways, because of a lack of a rudder. It was so difficult just taking pictures. Stop paddling, get in fanny pack, which was very handy, I must say, then turn on my camera and I'm not facing the right direction. So frustrating! 
We saw so many turtles in the canal! I kept yelling, "Hey turtles!" but then they're jump in the water, avoiding me. Guess they don't like being bothered while sunbathing.
What a great day! I can't wait to go back and do it again! Or just be on the river again with Matt and Zeus and a nice picnic basket with sandwiches and a few beers. Yay spring and summer!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fajita and Margarita night

I love my Sunday dinners with Matt. We have such a good time cooking together and making new things. We always try to find new recipes and make them as healthy as possible. This past weekend we had chicken fajitas and corn on the cob with some delicious margaritas!
Matt was in charge of fajitas. He made me fajitas on our first at home dinner date. He cooked in my tiny kitchen in my last apartment, after we had been dating a month or so. He cheated and bought a fajita kit. Funny how we have both changed so much since then. Our eating habits are a world away from what they used to be. I love that fajitas with Matt always remind me of our first dates together. And now we can share the kitchen and cook together; this kitchen is amazing!
In the fajitas, red and green bell peppers (Matt hates the green but I love them!), pearl onions, so yummy!
Cheating with the flavor packet from Kroger. Goal for next time we cook fajitas: use spices from our spice cabinet and some corn starch instead of this prepackaged stuff. And spicier! Maybe throw in some jalapenos. Mmmmm...
Zeus' begging pose while we cook. Such a beggar, but how can we say no to those big brown eyes. He's not allowed to have people food but I have been known to "drop" food here and there.
My job: margarita maker. My recipe: 2 shots of Cuervo, 1 shot of Patron Citronage, salted rim, fresh lemon, and "no sugar added" margarita mixer. We may seem like alcoholics with that much liquor in one drink, but it's Sunday. So it's okay to enjoy a nice stiff margarita at home.
Homemade salsa Matt made. Ingredients: cherry and roma tomatoes, 1 jalapeno, white onion, freshly cooked corn, cilanto.
Cheesy kissy picture. And below, what Matt thinks of cheesy pictures. We have such a good time being silly.
Added toppings on my fajita: low fat sour cream, cheese, fresh avocado, homemade corn salsa. It was so good I'm getting hungry just looking at these pictures! I can't wait until it's warmer outside and every Sunday dinner can be outside on our porch! 

What do you like to do on your Sunday nights?

My little helper

Zeus helps me decided what shoes the models should wear. Such a good boy.

He also loves women's shoes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy week...

Sorry for the break in posts. My dad and his wife, Sue, are in town all week and it's been super busy! Yesterday we took Zeus with us and visited Phinizy Swamp. Zeus had a blast! We are getting dressed to go kayaking down the Savannah River today! More later this week. Can't wait to be more of a tourist in my town. Hope you are all doing well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's that magical time.. the AM when the sunlight catches the crystal scones in my work room. It is so beautiful and makes me feel like a little girls again.

Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it. My neighbor is outside cutting the lawn, and I can smell the fresh cut grass. I'm finishing up my new line today and tomorrow, fittings officially starting on Sunday.

Matt is even coming home around lunch time today and we get to have lunch together. Yay! Then I'm going to the bike shop to pick up my lovely bikes that were getting repaired. And an afternoon ride around Olde Town with my friend before work later today. It's going to be a great day all around!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lingerie Photo Shoot

Last Friday, Cory, David, my photographer, Matt and I went up to David's studio for a photo shoot. We shot the picture for the poster of my next fashion show. Enjoy some silly photos.


I can't help but laugh out loud at the ones with Matt. He was pretending to be too wrapped up in his phone to pay attention to us. Then Matt took the camera and snapped a few with David and us girls. It seems he rarely gets in front of the camera. But look at that pose. Such a natural, David. He was amazing and the three outfits shots above will be used to the poster! Yay!

I can't wait to hang posters around town! I just have to use one of the three shots above and play around in photoshop. This show is going to be so amazing. I have a lot more models than the previous show, last show was 13 girls, this show will be 18! Which means MORE outfits! I should be done sewing by the end of the week; I'm finishing up the last few outfits before fittings with all the girls starting on Sunday.

Don't mind my extra messy hair and what not. I had just finished my shift at Stillwater, Friday night bartending was work. I don't think I even brushed my hair that day. I sewed at home all day, then work, then the shoot. The dress I'm wearing my sister, Sarah, sent to me from Japan. She hand dyed it from it's original white silk, and then when she tried it on, it didn't fit. I've had it for years and finally wore it for the first time. 

So much work to do, not much time to keep blogging! Have a great day everyone.