Monday, March 26, 2012

Kayaking with Dad on the Augusta Canal

The Savannah River view from the Savannah Rapids Pavillion. It's that beautiful?! Views like this make it worthwhile to live in the summer sauna that is Augusta, Georgia. This dam was built to slow down the river and channel the water into the Augusta Canal, it's floodgates behind where I stand while taking this pictures. First thought up and designed in the 1830s, it was constructed mid-1800s to power industial mills along the canal and in the downtown of Augusta. When farmers brought all their cotton to Augusta, it was milled and refined in the mills and then shipped off on boats off the Savannah River. Read more about the history of Augusta here.
I must say it was a little terrifying standing on the other side of this railing. Only a few inches of pavement behind me, and a 50 foot drop to the fast moving water below! I'm all geared up for kayaking with Dad and Sue. Sun hat, shades, cut-offs, and my Crocs.

This picture was tricky. It's such a rush to sit on this cement slab, teetering over the edge. I kept leaning forward to take the picture and then realizing "that's not the best of ideas, Sally." Haha. I love heights. So exhilarating.
Dad and Sue, floodgates behind them. When we signed up to kayak, I thought it would be on the Savannah River and was so excited. Matt and I love the river, and I couldn't wait to float past where we always go and show my dad, who was visiting from Michigan, my Georgia life. But the naturally occuring rocks make it difficult to navigate, and the slow moving canal was definitely the better alternative for us novice kayakers. 
 You wish you had a cool fanny pack like me, don't you?!
Dad and Sue on the river. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day. The whole trip was about two and a half hours down river. We rented the kayaks and were dropped off at the pavillion, ending at the rental place downtown. We saw no other kayakers, but many cyclists and runners along the canal. I can't wait to someday own a kayak and make this a regular outdoor activity.
But note to self: get a kayak with a rudder. As soon as I would stop paddling, I would float in any direction, my kayak moving sideways, because of a lack of a rudder. It was so difficult just taking pictures. Stop paddling, get in fanny pack, which was very handy, I must say, then turn on my camera and I'm not facing the right direction. So frustrating! 
We saw so many turtles in the canal! I kept yelling, "Hey turtles!" but then they're jump in the water, avoiding me. Guess they don't like being bothered while sunbathing.
What a great day! I can't wait to go back and do it again! Or just be on the river again with Matt and Zeus and a nice picnic basket with sandwiches and a few beers. Yay spring and summer!

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  1. Yes Sally I wish I had a cool fanny pack like you.

    Haha so silly!

    -Rachael Mae

    1. Everyone wishes they had my fanny pack hahaha

  2. This looks like so much fun! I usually have to kayak in a two person one because I never seem to do it right :) and I also love challenging myself to heights...the photos you got are incredible!

    What a fun activity to do when you have visitors...and at 2.5 hours, what a work out!

    Hey turtles!

    1. :) I can't wait to buy a kayak and do this more!