Saturday, March 31, 2012

A night out with "my models" and friends

All the models for my upcoming show are regular local women. They're ages 21-35, all shapes and sizes, and as different as women come. Since they don't all know each other, I thought it'd be fun, before the actual show, to get as many of them together as I could and have them meet. We rendezvoused at my place of work, Still Water Taproom, where I am the Happy Hour bartender on weekdays. With bluegrass and alternative music playing (anything from Yo La Tengo to Avett Brothers to Miles Davis) and 18 beers on tap, it's my favorite bar in town.

What a better place to meet then on pitcher night?! I bought the first few pitchers of Guinness, turning a few girls onto the best beer in the world, telling them how few calories and alcohol a pint contains, compared to other beer. Plus the taste is unparalleled. Ah Guinness. Model friends + Guinness + chatting about life = ingredients for a great night. We all had such a great time chatting and getting to know each other better. 
Dom and I. Dom is a dancer, singer, model, fitness trainer and mother. A woman of many talents. I'm glad I convinced her to model in my show. We finally had the chance to become better acquainted and had many laughs.
Carley and Samantha. Carley was also a model in my last show. She is so beautiful! And I believe this is Samantha's first runway show as a model. She is a hair stylist and usually on the other side of the chair. Her salon, Modish, puts on many hair shows around Augusta. This time she'll get to sit back and get beautified herself.
Samantha and Joan. It is also Joan's first time on the runway; she is so lovely and sweet. We first met this past Halloween when I was dressed as Lady Gaga. Since we were both wearing wigs when we met, it was always confusing when I'd see her around town and we'd meet again. It was quite humorous. I can't wait for her long slender frame to show off my work!
And after a few beers we broke out the red lipstick. Every gal should have a tube of red lipstick! Since I've changed how I wear my hair (I'm trying to grow out my bangs), I've changed my makeup routine a bit. Red lipstick has been really fun since my skin is still quite pale. Jamie's short hair and minimal makeup was perfect to give the bold look a try. I think I convinced Jamie to be daring and embrace red lips. She looked fabulous. 
David, my amazing photographer friend and colleague. He shoots all my work and shows. And a fellow Guinness drinker. Love this guy!
What a great evening with beautiful friends. I can't wait for the show! I've decided to up my collection, so  I'll be sewing all weekend. With 17 models, the collection was set at 40 pieces. I figured, "what the hell, let's shoot for 50!" My last show was 30 pieces and 13 models. Have to keep upping the ante right? What's the point of another show if it's not bigger and better than the first?! So my work is never done. I've created so many beautiful sets but the collection isn't yet complete. Soon. I hope. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Okay, you have convinced me, Miss Sally! I will try some Guinness! I saw a cooking show where they mixed it with champagne...have you ever done that? And bonus points for it being low-cal!

    And I want to come to Georgia to see your fashion show! I wish I could! Better yet, I wish I could be IN it! I admire all of your ladies, and of course, your amazing creativity and talent! What a great idea to gather all the girls together and bond, making the show that much better and stronger!

    I love all the pictures from your last show, and I can't wait to see the ones from this show. And good luck with your new goal of 50 new pieces! You can do it!

    One more thing (I could go on and on) I love the pictures of your cats on Instagram...I usually get annoyed when this one girl posts about her cat-obsession, but I laughed out loud the other night where your kitties are playing with catnip...I loved how it was on Stella! Haha, I'm LOLing at it now...don't stop. I love it so much.

    I am so happy I discovered your blog years ago!

    1. have you tried Guinness yet?! I'm dying to know what you think of it!
      If you go to a bar with a lot on tap, get Guinness and Strongbow, a layered beer, like a black and tan. They call Guinness and champagne "Black Velvet" and the strongbow combination is a "Snake bite" or sometimes referred to as the "poor man's black velvet". I like one once in a great while. I usually stick to just guinness :)

      I wish you could make it too! Then we could finally meet!

      I reached my goal of 50! YAY!

      And thanks for all the kind words. Your comments always make my day. Clem and Stella are so fun to photograph I just can't help myself.

      Have a great day!!

      <3 Sally