Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Air - Sexy Boy

With my next fashion show fast approaching, I keep thinking about what music will play as the beautiful ladies walk down the runway. My friend, Danny, is flying in for the weekend all the way from Bahrain to DJ the event. Seriously, halfway around the world! I feel so honored and special that he is coming all that way just for my show. I can't wait to see that he has in mind for music!

The last show, I was a little more involved in the music selection, giving DJ Cielo one song to base the rest of her set on, Air's "Sexy Boy". In my mind it is the epitome of runway songs! I LOVE AIR! Sexy boy has a great beat, nice low end bass, catchy chorus, and beautiful French lyrics in between. I listened to Air a lot while making the winter line of lingerie. Check out the fun video below from my favorite French band:

And check out the videos from my December fashion show here and here.

Just a little over two weeks until my next show! AH! ...OK. Back to work. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I remember when I went to the library and found Air's CD, thinking it was Air Supply (lame, I know) but discovering this awesome band and their sound! And then I realized this song is played in 10 Things I Hate About You when they throw the flyers for the party they were crashing down the staircase in the high school...

    I love this song, and it fits perfectly for a fashion show, let alone a Lingerie show! I was watching the first video (YouTube one!) you shared here for the first time, and damn girl! What fun! Well done!! I can only imagine what you'll be able to do this year! :)

    1. Never knew Air was in 10 things I hate about you. Hmm.. I discovered them when "The Virgin Suicides" came out. They did the soundtrack and I remember being blown away by the score and the music in that film that wasn't the old songs of the 70s.