Wednesday, April 4, 2012

At the fountain - What I Wore:: 4.3.12

On the way to Joann's for sewing supplies, Zeus and I make a pit stop downtown to take a little stroll. The fountain at 8th and Broad Street was our stop for this little photo shoot. I love the downtown area in the morning. It's still quiet, few people walking the streets, so I don't look like a weirdo with my tripod and camera. I've been meaning to take pictures at this fountain for a while, and Zeus had a blast trying to jump in the fountain the entire time!

This outfit is actually inspired by my friend, Tieka, at Selective Potential. Her recent outfit post I saw made me dig out a silk shirt I would wear regularly to work at David's Bridal, where I was a bridal seamstress. I always wore silk blouses, high waisted silk pants, and skirts with pumps. Picture Annie Hall and that was how I dressed. Surprised by my tattoos and age, and being that I was the youngest seamstress there, women were slightly apprehensive to hand over their wedding gown. I loved sewing for David's Bridal; I just wasn't a fan of the long days, working for a corporate business and all the silly rules they have. One thing I miss most: my industrial sewing machine and that rolled hem foot!
I've missed wearing this blouse since I quit David's about a year ago. Seeing Tieka's outfit post, I thought, "Hmm... I wonder what MY version of that outfit would look like!?" And voila: high bun, my prescription glasses, silk blouse, skinny jeans and vintage shoes. When it gets a little hotter I may attempt her bandeau strapless bra look beneath this sheer blouse. And imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right? Tieka is too cute, and I love her little dresses she is always wearing. These longs legs of mine don't allow for many store bought dresses, as they end up fitting more like shirts. I'm going to have a massive closet renovation soon when it gets hot out and I realize I can't wear dresses I wore last summer, due to more muscle mass in my hind quarters, my already super short dresses are sitting even shorter!
One lesson I learned today: when picking outfit shoot locations, be aware of how Zeus will react to stimuli. This fountain was a real treat for him. And man was it work for me! I use a remote with a two second delay, and by the time I'd pose and hit the button, he'd have his head IN the fountain, or he'd be trying to jump in. Silly Zeus. Thankfully Augusta uses water from the Savannah River just two blocks from where I took these pictures. I imagine it's not drinking quality for humans but Zeus is just fine drinking it in small bits. Ideally I don't like him drinking it, but who am I kidding when I tell him no and it's hot outside and he's worked up a thirst. At 100 pounds he's hard to tell no sometimes. And boy does he love sticks!
Have I told you how much I LOVE high buns! I've waited to attempt it because it's always disappointing when the backside of your hair falls out because it isn't long enough. I've been growing my hair for some time now, and it's finally paying off. This will most likely be my go to hairstyle this summer since I also have my bangs almost grown out. With 100+ temperatures ALL summer, and summer is 5+ months long, my thick head of hair is not happy. I can't wait to wear more buns!

I've decided to make more of an effort to blog about outfit posts. I think I dress pretty snazzy and you all rarely get to see it. Especially since I work from home and then head to the bar to work a few hours during Happy Hour, then back home to spend the evening with Matt and before I know it, it's bedtime. Repeat the next day. So expect about 2 posts a week, and always with Zeus. He's a fun little bit of entertainment and it gets us out and about. He loves our little adventures, as do I.
Outfit details:
Blouse: Silk, vintage. Jeans: BCBG.
Shoes: Bass, vintage. Purse: Neiman Marcus, vintage, suede.

This purse was a GREAT thrift store find. While Betsy and I were at Salvation Army, we wandered over to the women's purses. Like I needed more purses. But this was an exception. Vintage Neiman Marcus?! Yes, please. It's a suede material, stiff box shape purse with a magnetic closure. Get this: only $2.99! Betsy and I both agreed, it was okay to make an exception and buy another purse. 
Augusta in the spring time is so beautiful. I love living here. It has it's drawbacks, but I really do enjoy this city over so many other. While it's not big city, the downtown is full of things to do. It's a little big city, and the second largest city in Georgia. I live just a mile away in the historic district, and it's only a 25 minute walk to where I work on Broad Street. It's the perfect time of year for walking. On Monday, Zeus and I walked from our home to the downtown area, since I had to stop into work to pick up a few things before heading back home for a full day of sewing. It was almost TOO HOT for walking. Thankfully it was just a warm front, and the 90 degree weather on Monday won't stick around. 

What do you like to do in the downtown of your town? 

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  1. That's funny. I saw this pic on IG and thought, it looks just like Tieka's outfit! haha and then I read the entry on here. :) Looks cute! I love Zeus!!

    -your cooollll sista

  2. Aww, I love this post!! So excited my post inspired you to re-create it. :)

    1. Love reading your blog and seeing your style! I couldn't help myself ha :) <3