Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back when Victoria's Secret was sexy...

Back when breasts were natural, hips were sexy, and lingerie accentuated the natural curves of your body, Victoria's Secret still made sexy lingerie. These images are all from the 1979 lingerie catalog from VS. A huge difference from what you see in today's catalogs and malls.

The Wonder Bra is to blame. Invented in the 1990s, it ruined women's idea of themselves, and created this idea that we had to change our cup size to be sexy. Ugh. Makes me want to vomit when I walk into a Victoria's Secret and I see a bra that advertises an increase of not just one, but two cup sizes. What?!

Take a look at these beautiful women in lingerie. So much sexier than today's catalogs and the skinny models that fill them, with breasts that are painfully pushed together and up to their chin. Such a huge difference in what is "sexy" today. I love these pictures so much. And it's not weird how they're hanging out with ferns and silk rugs in lingerie together. Right? Ha. Slightly creepy but that was the photography style back then as well.

Clearly, I was born in the wrong era. 

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  1. I agree with you 110% - even though the photoshoot's background is a tad's much better than that crap they sell now-a-days. =)

  2. Oh gawd, the two-cup size bras are awful. I mean, that's so misleading. Well, not only that.. natural boobies are so much better anyway!

  3. It is so hard to find nice, well fitting thin/natural support bras in stores - and when you do, they are $$$. It's funny now that you can buy underwear with butt padding. Why can't more people embrace the beauty that they have instead of stuffing, lifting and padding us into one un-natural and un unique shape!?

  4. kudos! i loved everything about the nostalgic past in regard to vs, fashion models and vs!

    it's refreshing to come across a post like this i enjoy on several levels!

    thank you.


  5. Love this - in so many ways! Not only is the lingerie beautiful, but the HAIR! The Gibson girl-esque styles are simply stunning. Hair like that makes me want to put on flowing skirts, an off the shoulder top, and move down to Key West permanently. Off grid. Gorgeous.

  6. I kinda see a bit of the same thing going on there as there is now. The women are super tanned/bronzed and they all have thin/toned bodies. The only major difference to note is their breasts may not be enhanced.