Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dress rehearsal

Dress rehearsal was last night for all the models and "staff" helping out in my fashion show. Ha. I have "staff". My amazing friends and boyfriend are helping out in every way they can, and the show is going to blow everyone away! Look at me above, rehearsing and being the boss. Ha. The girls were so great and the show is going to be phenomenal! We ran through the show a few times and practiced timing. There are 17 models and 50 outfits. Quite a bit of practice was required but they were all very fast learners!

Notice the diversity in size and looks of all the girls. I am proud of myself for getting a woman that any woman can relate to. I didn't realize how perfect the group is as a whole until they were finally all together for the first time. While it's quite hard fitting women of all shapes in lingerie, I somehow managed to get each girl in three pieces that make them to die for! I just love the range of them all, outgoing crazy ones to the shy quiet ones. Short, tall, black, white, tattooed, conservative. You name it, and I have a beautiful local lady on my stage that is just like you. Doesn't hurt that they are all absolutely gorgeous too!

My best friends in Augusta, Sarah and Jessica. These lovely ladies are running my backstage area for me, dressing and undressing the girls. Each has their own clothing rack, clip board, and half of the models assigned to them.  Sarah ran the green room for the last show and Jessica was a model, but since this one is so much bigger, they're both helping me out. Words can't describe how amazing these women are!

Can you see the sparkly shoes?! I turned all the vintage heels the girls are wearing into sparkly fun pumps with the help of a Terra and Graydon, two models and friends. DIY tutorial coming soon! I looked like such a scrub at the dress rehearsal, in jeans and, who'da guessed, a cat t-shirt. Thank goodness David didn't get a shot of me from the front. I was a mess from working all day and color coordinating the organization of all the outfits backstage.

A little glimpse into the stage setup at Sky City in the empty venue. It comes 21 feet out from the stage, where a band will be set up to start immediately after the runway show. The band, Sibling String, is great! With an upright bass, a violin, and the best guitar players in town, it's an honor to have them playing my show!

Right before the actual dress rehearsal and run through. Of course you can't see pictures of that! Saving the outfits pictures for the show attendants and afterwards. Eek! I'm so excited. On the way to Sky City last night I had butterflies in my stomach as Matt and I drove downtown. Why did I have butterflies?! It was a dress rehearsal! I'm weird like that I guess. After the night of rehearsing was over we had a celebratory beer at Stillwater and went home. Couldn't stay out too late with out 6 AM gym glass this morning! 

Those of you out-of-towners that are simply catching up on highlights after the show, the collection will be available for viewing and purchase in my Etsy show at midnight, a few hours after the runway show.

I'm more excited and relieved than I ever thought I could be. Only a few days left. AND my mom flies in on Friday! The show is Satuday!

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  1. Sally, you are amazing!! I will be able to get to one of your shows eventually, :). I better make that soon before I won't be able to afford tickets to one of your shows, lol!!
    I love that you point out your diversity of women. I think true fashion speaks to all women just as you mentioned.
    I pray you have another VERY successful show...I can't wait to see the pictures!

    1. Thanks Alethia! I wish you could make it!! <3