Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fashion show recap, hellos from Florida...

Following my show on Saturday, I spent a day at the pool and then headed south for some R & R with my mom and sister. I'm currently enjoying a few days in Florida, headed back to Georgia on Thursday. Rachael, my sister, lives in Pensacola, Florida and this week has been heaven. What a crazy few months it was building up to the show! I feel so motivated to jump back into work after such a successful show, but a vacation was just what I needed. Enjoy a few pictures before I head back to Georgia and really show you some great stuff from the event. 
Matt and I.

My friend, Kirsten, and her boyfriend Steven came all the way from Michigan for the show. They surprised me last Tuesday with the news! I've know this lady, above, since we were 8 years old. We'll miss out on chatting for a few months, but it's like we talk everyday the way we get each other. I couldn't believe she came. Even after the runway show, she came backstage crying tears of joy and pride, so happy and proud of me. Love this girl!

Virginia and Cory. Lovely ladies on the runway.

My mom's arm and iPhone taking a picture!


I have so many new things planned I can't wait to get back to Georgia and get back to work! The first of four videos from the show comes out tomorrow, as well as more photos!

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  1. Your heels are to DIE for!! Are they sparkly green, like the one photo shows? They look like something you would wear to the Emerald City :)

    1. Yes they're sparkly green! All the models had sparkly shoes, tutorial coming next week! They were all plain patent leather shoes turned glittery!!! Martha Stewart is the way to go and check in next week for the tutorial and easy DIY instructions : )