Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For a ride of a lifetime

Did you know James Brown is from Augusta, Georgia? This mural is located a few blocks from my house and I just love it! Jessica and I rode our bikes downtown at lunchtime the other day, and stopped for a little photo shoot on our way home. The photos are all taken with my iPhone, I wish I would have thought ahead and brought my camera and tripod so we could have a little more fun. Next time.
Aren't my bikes beautiful? The left bike is my Schwinn Le Tour III. Mid 1970s 10 speed. I recently had the tires and brakes replaced and the handle bars rewrapped. Next I'll probably get a new seat. Until recently, everything on this bike was completely original. The tires miraculously weren't dry rotted! Someone had this bike sitting in a garage for 30 years, I'm sure.

On the right is my 3 speed Huffy. A gift from a friend (he wound up at my house on his bike with two flat tires and said, just take it). Late 1960s, early 1970s. I replaced both tires and tubes, added a basket, replaced the handle grips and the seat, and just recently had the brakes replaced. Good as new! Jessica loved it so much, and I rarely ride it (I prefer my Schwinn), so I told Jessica it's hers. It will stay at my house of course, so I can force her into riding with me on weekends. It was truly the perfect day for riding and we had such a great day together.

Being silly. We must have taken 5 or 6 pictures before I was at the right spot in the air. The outtakes are a hoot! I can't wait to take more biking adventure pictures with my real camera and tripod. 

Probably my favorite picture of Jessica ever! It completely captures her sass and personality. She is a really beaut! Can you recognize who Jessica is related to (long-time readers)?! Her sister is Kaitlyn, my friend and student when Kaitlyn was still in high school. Kait is now almost done with her first year of college. Oh how time flies. 

Really looking forward to more biking around downtown in the coming week. My mom flies in on Friday for my show and I think I'll take her for a little spin around the neighborhood, weather permitting. She'll absolutely love it here! Yay! Such a great week it's been.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Your bikes are beautiful! And I love how you got them and each have their own stories :) what a fun wall! And Jessica is pretty and I love how she is Kaitlyn's sister! Looks like a lovely lunchtime indeed <3