Monday, April 23, 2012

Pensacola Beach Bums
What I Wore:: Twin Syndrome High Rise Bottoms

While I showed you one of the best things about Florida, the thrifting, now to show you the other, the beach! Rachael, Mom and I had a great day sleeping in the sun, walking the beach, and enjoying the sunshine. Someday soon I will live a little closer to the beach. Very soon. We grew up on Lake Michigan and all of our summers were filled with swimming, sand castles, being buried up to our necks in sand. 

As soon as we got to our blankets, we passed out in the sun. My favorite thing in the world. Sleeping on the beach. The sounds of the gulls, waves, and people on the beach put me right to sleep if I get to the beach and I'm the slightest bit tired. An hour later, I woke up a little crispy. 

Mom's first vacation in years, she walked up and down the beach collecting shells. The winds were so intense we weren't allowed to swim, but it was great for washing shells up on the shore. Mom found some real gems! We drove down to Pensacola on Monday, after Mom had flown down to Augusta for my fashion show. We decided our stay in Florida would be filled with beach times, thrifting, and as carefree as possible. We all needed some down time. Mom works in retail, talk about stressful, and I had spent months preparing my new line, and Rachael is an instructor in a high stress job. 

What I wore: High Rise Retro Bottoms from Twin Syndrome on Etsy. Top thrifted from Goodwill, the bottoms were hideous but I knew the bra top would go great with these bottoms. I like the high rise bottoms because they protect my tattoo on my back from the sun. My large back piece extends from my bra line down to lower back. And any of you with tattoos know that the sun is your enemy! 

The beach is easily my favorite place in the world. It's in my blood. I can't wait to spend as many weekends as possible at the beach this summer! Matt and I are going up to Wilmington, North Carolina in a few weekends to spend the weekend with my friend at her beach house. It's going to be amazing! It will be the farthest north I have seen the Atlantic Ocean. I still compare all beaches to Lake Michigan. Can't help it.

What is your favorite beach spot?

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  1. You are so happy and carefree!! I love your bathing suit bottoms! So classic and I am now dying to see a close up of your tattoos and the stories behind them!!

    And I see that Rachael stole your shorts....or was it vice versa? :) So glad you gals got to hang and relax on the beach together in Florida! Save shells and these photos as precious memories!

    Oh, and my favorite beach is Sanibel... talk about shells!!

    1. Ah! I love that you thought that was Rachael; that's my mom! Isn't she awesome?! Her whole visit in Augusta, my friends thought she was my sister. Needless to say, she blushed a lot.

      My back piece is so close to being done, I have 12 hours so far, maybe 3 or 4 left to finish some color. It's a buck and a fawn in the woods. Very beautiful. For my late step father.

      <3 <3