Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thrifting in Florida with Rachael
Tips and Tricks to finding gems

The best part about Florida, besides the beaches, are the thrift stores! It is incredible how much better thrifting is in Florida compared to anywhere I have ever been. Think of all of the elder folks that retire, move their mass of belongings with them, and then the time comes that they get rid of everything. We joke around, and it's not the nicest to say, but people move to Florida and die, so thrifting is a gold mine there. 

I mean, just check out this furniture section. If only I had a bigger rental car, I'd fill it with the beautiful vintage couches that are never more than $30, or the sewing machines that come in the wood cabinets and are less than $50. I am always amazed at the beautiful things I find, and sadly can't buy everything.

Biggest tip I can give you to thrifting: bring a tape measure! Sometimes you are wearing an outfit that doesn't really allow for the convenience of trying everything on. Knowing your measurements and how to measure clothing is key. You spot something you love, why waste 20 minutes getting a dressing room to find it's an inch too small, when you can just whip out a tape measure and know in less than a minute! And it allows for you to keep an eye out for that special girlfriend of yours, and I have more than one I do this for, that you see a vintage piece and just can't leave the store without getting it for her. Know her measurements and she'll love the surprise!

The cutest skirt that I found, for only $2.50, it was half off $4.99. I love stretchy high waisted skirts. They are so comfortable and neutral colors like this one, above, are very versatile. I wore this one on the car ride home with Mom; seven hours in a  car was never more comfortable!

What I wore: vintage polyester dress from my friend Jessica, of Vintage Vanity, a thrifted 90s belt, and Aldo shoes I stole from Rachael. A very mix-matched outfit that somehow felt very pulled together with my blue in my hair giving everything the added pizazz. I've been so matchy-matchy lately, and that's not how I generally am. I've always been that cliche weirdo that is all over the place not matching. Feels good to get back to my roots.

Rachael found me these amazing purple Bongo shorts. Just my size! Sweet score! And the rest ones fit her perfectly. We knew from measuring the waist. When measuring the waist of shorts on a hanger, be sure they are stretched straight across the grips of the hanger, with no sag along the center of the waistband. If there is, they will measure smaller than they actually are. I wore them the next day when we went to Destin, known as the home to the most beautiful beaches in the United States.

And check out this fantastic purple silk blouse Rachael (well, I actually found it) found. Being the sisters that we are, we tend to take things without asking and boss each other around. I found this blouse and said, "Oh my gosh, Rachael, LOOK!" And she grabbed it and said, "Oh great, thanks, Sally, I love this." And when I told her, no that's mine, she wasn't having it. I should have packed it in my suitcase while she was sleeping, forgot that one haha.

What are you favorite thrift store finds? Stores? Tell me about it!

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  1. Hi can you tell me what thrifts you visited in florida? heading down driving and would love to check these out!

  2. They are at the Waterfront Rescue Mission Bargain Center in Pensacola, Yasminlotus! There are several from Mobile to Ft. Walton Bch. I go there occasionally, but there's a Goodwill on my way home from work that's more convenient when I get the thrifting bug! That's where I found my early '80s Kenmore sewing machine for $20! :-) There's also an annual rummage sale in March at Trinity Presbyterian on Bayou Blvd that is to die for!

    -Pensacola native