Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I wore to the Augusta National - Transforming Vintage Plaid Pants

Before: Exactly a year ago, when I originally planned on wearing these shorts to Augusta National. Long story short, ticket plans fell through and we didn't go last year. These pants though, a friend bought them at the thrift store for me when he was thrifting, knowing well enough that I would love them. Talk about having an affinity with a friend when they shop at the thrift store for you and hit the nail right on the head! They are a polyester plaid with an elastic band along the back waistband. The plaid screams golf!

It's funny how different I looked a year ago. Kinda makes me want to cut my hair, but that can't happen. I'm shooting for super long, and I'm so close! I've always been very expressive and impulsive with my hair. These days, as I grow older, I'm trying to have more self control and restraint. Not cutting my hair when I want to is difficult!
After! I cut them the desired length plus 4 inches or so. I used the excess fabric to make a folded look along the hemline. Had they been a little baggy, I would have added elastic in the casing, making them more like bloomers. See a sweet pair I made from high wasted denim shorts here. And read about Matt and I at the Masters tournament here.

I loved so much dressing for the Masters. Almost the highlight of the day. I wish I could have worn different shoes, but walking around in grass all day doesn't allow for cute kitten heels or leather flats. TOMS were my best option. And then Matt and I got matching sunburns. So cute. Haha.

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