Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coming soon: an art show with Kaitlyn
And a preview of my new work!

My favorite sewing buddy, former student, and friend, Kaitlyn, and I are gearing up for a joint show, that will be presented at Gaardensity Gallery (pronouced Garden City), in June. Last weekend we went shopping for some supplies for Kaitlyn for what she'll present in the show. All my materials I am finding in my work room, nothing new yet again. She'll be playing around with new textiles and apparel, some jewelry and who knows what her little brain will come up with, while I will present embroidery wall hangings and more. 

Dying some muslin on my stove. I can't wait to see what Kaitlyn creates. She goes to college an hour and a half away, and I rarely see her these days. Not like I used to when we'd sew 20+ hours a week together when she was in high school. Oh how I miss our days together.

Pinning some pom pom trim to cotton to make a circular scarf.

Completed scarf number one. And Kaitlyn learned how to sew a french seam, hiding the raw edges of the fabric, making the scarf reversible and no "bad side" and makes the scarf reversible.

A preview of what I will present in my show. Cross stitched portraits on recycled fabric. This one is a lady in a hat inspired by a Vogue pattern book from 1965.

The majority of my new work for this show will be nude portraits that are cross stitched on scrap fabric and stretched on recycled wood frames or framed in vintage embroidery frames. I like playing around with and pushing the boudaries of accepted embroidery work. Most embroidery is stale and old fashioned, kitties and puppies and something your grandmother would make. I want to make it something one can hang in their house, appreciating the beauty of the naked body, and the loveliness of women.

And one of my new favorite. A pregnant woman (not finished in this photos). I completed this one while on vacation in North Carolina. Even on a weekend getaway I can't stop working, I'm just too excited for this exhibition! 

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