Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial day from Matt and I and all the animals. We're enjoying our Memorial Day with a belly full of food from the grill, our skin kissed from all day at the pool, and kicking our feet up on the coffee table to enjoy a movie together. We are taking time to appreciate our freedoms that are due to brave people that fight for our country.

Our home is very festive, celebrating the day we honor fallen soldiers, with an American flag hanging in the doorway to the house's front door. Carl, our neighbor on the back side of the house, got this flag at a garage sale of all places. And it's the saddest story. 

This American flag is the flag that draped over the coffin of a Sergeant Frazier, an Army Sergeant that fought and died in the Iraq war. I can't find much information on the soldier, all I know is that he was from Augusta. The saddest part is that the flag that draped over his coffin was up for sale at a garage sale. Thankfully Carl was kind enough to buy it and proudly display it for many to enjoy. 

Thanks to all of those in the Armed Forces. It's important that people realize today isn't just a day for grilling and drinking; it's to celebrate our soldiers that fight for our freedoms. As much as people like to divide themselves according to politics, religion, and class, we're essentially all the same. We are all Americans, and we have it pretty good here in America. And we shouldn't forget that.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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