Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photoshop Keyboard Decal
Step Into My Office, Baby

This was intended to be an Etsy Review but apparently the shop I just bought this keyboard decal from is now closed. Hmmm. Strange. Anyways... About a year ago, I saw the keyboard decal that Kaylah from The Dainty Squid has on her keyboards, and I knew I wanted one. I finally found one I like, a photoshop keyboard decal.

It was super easy to put on. The whole keyboard comes printed out on a big sheet, and you apply each sticker to the keys. They're really slick and smooth, so it took some getting used to, but I love them. The decals show shortcuts in photoshop, which I use frequently when editing photos. How fun huh?! One problem I have with the decals, it covered the play/pause, previous, next, and volume buttons. I have to remember where they were and can slightly see them from behind the decals. Worth it overall though. Enjoy some photos of my desk and work area. And yes, I cleaned up my clutter for the photos, I'm used to organized chaos, but you aren't allowed to see my messes ha.

My kitty cat tape dispenser and pen holder. The only things I couldn't part with from an exboyfriend. All the other presents and memories went in the trash, but there was no way I could get rid of these little ladies. So perfect for my workspace! The pen holder is so funny. The tail of the cat is actually a pen! And there are little slots for a few little business cards or photos.

My ACE vintage stapler that actually works! I bought it for $2.02 at Salvation Army. It just needed some polishing, cleaning, and some standard staples. IT sits in front of the "Sisters" plaque Rachael bought me. Funny story. I bought her the same one for Christmas, and when I opened a recent package from her, I thought she was regifting the 1983 Hallmark wall hanging, but no, she'd found the same one at a local thrift store and now we have matching ones! Makes me smile and miss her. All my desk accessories are thrifted, the pen holder, the needle box, my vintage Pierre Cardin organizer, even my business card holder (last two not shown).

Time to start my work day, make a sling for my injured shoulder, and get ready for my beach trip this weekend! Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday.

Some Etsy shops with keyboard and computer decals:

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  1. useful..! :)


  2. Yeah, those kitty cat office accessories may never ever leave your possession :) Loved the peak into your office and your computer is GORGEOUS! What a great office <3