Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I wore to my spring fashion show
Rusty Cuts Review

Check out this fabulous dress I wore to my fashion show last month! It's handmade by Judith at Rusty Cuts. Since I didn't have time to make myself a dress, I still wanted to stick with my theme of recycled fashion, and I don't buy new clothes at all anymore. I went to Etsy and started searching a few weeks before my show. As soon as I stumbled upon Rusty Cuts, this dress stuck out to me. I debated between this dress and a few others, but this one just felt right! And it was exactly my size! Bonus. It was meant to be. 

Above is myself with Erin Marty, the owner of Stella A Salon And Spa, that was responsible for beautifying all the models! 

The bodice's fabric is from 1950s curtains imported from Europe. The skirt is lace and the brown lining is from a sheet. Judith works at a vintage clothing store that imports a lot of clothes from Europe, so she has a chance to find some great fabric. 

The dress is very well made, and I am so very happy with my purchase. My friend, Morgan, bought a dress from her too! I can't wait to see how Morgan likes hers. My favorite part about this dress, aside from it being recycled AND handmade, is the low back. So fun!

Check out Judith's shop and Facebook page for more amazing dresses! I want this one and this one next!

Photos from my fashion show by David Kernaghan. Above photo taken from

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