Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY: Drab to fab 90s jumper reconstruction

The second DIY jumper reconstruction coming to you from Rachael's visit last weekend. She had bought this at a thrift store, for just a few dollars, but it was quite outdated and frumpy. With shoulder pads, sleeves that were too long, and while it looks like a skirt, it's separate pants legs were way too long. 

Use this tutorial to alter a similar 90s jumper!

You will need:
  • jumper
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • matching thread
  • rolled hem foot attachment
  • straight ruler
  • rotary cutter

1. Remove shoulder pads. 2. Lay out garment flat. I have a bad habit of working too much on my ironing board, so head over to your cutting table! 3. Mark from the bottom of the arm hole to a few inches in from where the sleeve begins. Be careful not to mark the mark too narrow as to prevent the facing from showing. Cut on chalk line. 4. Take the sleeve you have just cut off and lay it on the other sleeve. This is a great way to be sure of symmetry. Trace the line you have cut. 5. Cut other sleeve. 6. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, shorten the pant legs a few inches.

7. On all the perpendicular seams of the raw edges you have cut (two arm holes, two leg holes), back stitch to reinforce the seam and trim the edges. This helps with your next steps. 8. Switch out the regular foot on your machine for a rolled hem foot, left. 9. Sew the pant legs. I start and stop the new seams on the inside of the pant leg, close to the center line of the garment. 10. Sew the sleeves.

Voila! New jumper that is perfect for summer and trips to the ice cream shop! We drove across the bridge to South Carolina to our favorite little ice cream shop, the Pink Dipper. Augusta is right on the state line, separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River, about two block from my house. This little mom and pop store has the BEST ice cream!

I love my silly sister. Rachael lives too far away! I wish she lived here and we'd have these fun photo shoots all the time. When we were roomies, we used to try to work on a blog entry of mine every Sunday. The only day in common we both had off.

Two peas in a pod. It was so funny going around town with Rachael and friends seeing us together. They'd either freak out and say "OMG she's a blonde Sally!" Or "No way, you two don't look at all alike!" I think the older we get, and as my hair has gotten extremely long (for me anyways) I see her in me so much more. I'll make a face in a photo and exclaim "wow I look like Rachael" and she'll do the same. So funny.

Notice the mint green finger nails? Rachael is in the Navy and can't have painted finger nails at work. Every time she is on leave or comes for a visit we go and get our mani-pedis. She always gets a crazy color on her finger nails, knowing she'll have to take it off in 48 hours. Can you imagine being told you CAN'T paint your fingernails?! Thank you Rachael for serving our country and putting up with the strict rules. Lord knows I couldn't.

And even though I am lactose-intolerant, this chocolate ice cream was amazing and so worth it!

Hope you all find this tutorial helpful! Happy Friday everyone! Stay cool through this heat wave that is hitting most of the the states. Georgia will hit 107 degrees today! 107?! I'm staying indoors and sewing all day with the windows closed to keep all the cool air from last night in. Hoping I won't have to turn my AC back on. Fat chance!

Enjoy your weekend!

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