Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Fringe Satchel from Bird Trouble

I did it again. I bought another Bird Trouble handbag. I just love Alexz's work and I had to treat myself to another purse. For years I would only wear handbags and clutches that ONLY I made. But a few years ago, my handbag production drastically declined when I started lingerie and I had no choice but to break out my vintage collection, and then start ogling over some handmade bags on Etsy.

Whenever I have a show or reach a career milestone, I splurge and buy myself something handmade. This satchel I bought for my art opening; it's made from a vintage blanket, leather from vintage chaps, scrap cotton, and antler bone. The interior has two little pockets I use for my roll-on perfume, lip balm, hair pins and other small cosmetics.

Bird Trouble is Alexz, a Chicago based designer of recycled textiles. I first discovered Alexz's work through another blog; it's been a few years so I don't even remember which one. This is my third purchase from her shop, first a skirt, then a handbag, and now this one. She has been featured on my blog herehere, and here.

You should really check out her amazing purses a on Etsy and read her blog. This satchel was one of three like it, and there is just one left. Buy it here.

Had to show you this picture of my dress minus the belt. It's amazing what a belt can do. This dress was in my fabric pile until I was organizing the other day. This dress was probably there for years, who knows with my hoarding, and something made me throw it in my closet in the bedroom, with a mission to wear it soon since it was a super hot 96 degrees in Georgia today. Adding a belt makes size almost not even matter. This dress is a 1XL. I am definitely not even a large. And the cotton is super comfortable with the heat!

Matt was making fun of me when I wanted him to take the picture sans belt. We had just finished lunch and took these next to a random shop. People were driving by and giving me odd looks. Ah well. Have a great day everyone!

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