Monday, June 4, 2012

Opening night at Gaartdensity Gallery

My opening night came and went in a flash. It was a huge success! I had a live mannequin, my friend Dom, in the front window, Ursula on the street, and art up on all the wall. I presented 30 pieces of embroidered art and my entire stock of lingerie. Amazingly, I sold 12 pieces! What an accomplishment, eh? Check out the entire collection of art in my Etsy shop.

Gallery owner Stephanie Sunshine Forbes and Ursula. Still waiting on professional pictures from my friends that were my photo guys for the night, so I'll show you some pictures I stole from Facebook. (Thanks Stephanie Forbes and Fred Swindell)

Local art teacher and friend Carrie Brooks and myself.

Panoramic view before the place was crowded.

Art on the walls. All is for sale in my Etsy shop. I'm posting the rest this morning, so keep checking back to see the whole collection. Nothing new was used in the entire collection. Even the cards on the wall, giving the name, price, and materials used are old notecards from my recipe box.

Lingerie on crazy clearance. Check out my Etsy shop for some sweet deals or swing into the Gallery at 1155 Broad Street, Augusta, Georgia so see everything first hand. 

I'm relaxing for a week or so, regrouping and reorganizing my work room, taking stock of all my supplies, and figuring out what's next. It's been quite the year in regards to my work. I've presented three shows and so much work in the last 7 months! A December fashion show for my winter line, a mini Valentine's line, an April fashion show for my spring line, and now a June art exhibition. I don't know where I find time to have a social life and relationship with Matt. It's always work, work, work. Even when we go on our weekend getaways, I still bring my work with me. What's next you're wondering? I think a purse line perhaps, getting back to my roots. Well, Sally Ann, as a brand's roots. 

It feels nice to do nothing. Finally. Thank you to everyone that came out or showed support and enthusiasm regardless of your distance. I wish you all could have been there. Video and photos soon!

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  1. Doing nothing...what's that? I know the feeling work, work, work.

    Awesome job!