Monday, June 11, 2012

Saturday night at the gallery

My collection is still up at Gaartdensity Gallery. Saturday evening Matt had a brilliant idea to have a little second opening for those that missed the previous week. We bought two giants bottles of wine, set up a table with a punch bowl full of awesome craft beer, and invited friends to stop in while I was there to see my collection of embroidered art.

With my buddy Jonathan. I'm always loving and hating this man at the same time. My brother in the south. He's a nut and we drive each other crazy, but he gets me and we always have fun. Originally from New York, it's nice to have friends here that understand the ways of the north. Jonathan stopped in and brought some new friends to check out my work.

With Jaye, the original live mannequin that couldn't make the First Friday opening, and her friend Inga. Inga grew up in Kenya and I got a chance to break out a little of my Swahili I learned in college. That's right. I speak a teeny bit of Swahili. A little secret very few people know. I was so glad I got to use a little!

And this fabulous dress I wore was given to me by my friend Sarah. She purchased it in England when she was in high school. It's silk and from the 1960s. It's the best dress to just throw on and you're immediately dressed up. Matt and I had spent the day at the pool, and I had about 20 minutes to get ready for the gallery. Hair in a high bun, mascara and blush, and throw on a dress. Poof. I look fancy and like a million bucks.

With gallery owner Stephanie Sunshine Forbes. What a great night. Matt's family came by and we ended up having the most insane night! Father and sons all got matching tattoos and we ended up at the tattoo parlor until the wee hours of the morning. And I sold another 12 pieces on Saturday! Just a few more weeks until the collection comes down and announce/start my next project. Big things ahead, guys!

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are getting through your Monday. I'm having a lazy day since it's raining outside. Later this week will be a tutorial on how I made this vintage dress, above, beautiful again!

Photos from the gallery taken by Fred Swindell.

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