Thursday, June 21, 2012

They're BACK!

After a two year hiatus, cassette wallets have returned to my Etsy shop. This is huge news, everyone. Because for the first time ever, Sally Ann is no longer just ME. My sister, Rachael is now a part of the shop, making the cassette wallets. I stopped making them almost two years ago, and back then they were about half of my workload. I decided to focus on clothing and sewing instead and these were the first to go, then I stopped making handbags as well. I know many people ask about them, as well as handbags. Rachael, herself, still carries her cassette wallet everyday. 

So I'm fulfilling both wants of my fans and customers. Juggling all of them. Clothing, lingerie, purses, accessories, AND cassette wallets. I'm so glad to be working with Rachael. I'm sure we will but heads once in a while, but being a business venture, I think we will be very successful together. I have these funny little fantacies that once she is out of business school in a few years, after she gets out of the Navy, we will be an unstoppable power house sister duo, like Emma and Elsie. Haha. Crossing my fingers. I will definitely use Rachael for her business advice. 

Be on the lookout for more new things in the shop. It's quickly becoming a more "recycled goods" shop rather than lingerie. Something I think I really like. Not just a one stop shop, I want to be a powerhouse of all things recycled. Who knows, maybe there will even be some menswear soon. I've had some requests for repurposed bow ties. Hmmm... 

In the meantime check out the shop for new wallets. I'm also working on some fold over clutches. And new lingerie, in orange and blue! Maybe some shorts soon too. 

Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm off to the hospital at lunch time to meet my friends new baby that was just born last night at 8 PM! Yay babies!! I'm so unbelievably excited! About so many new things going on in right now.

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