Monday, July 9, 2012

Auburn University

Matt and I spent this past weekend at his alma mater, Auburn University. My first time visiting the university, we met up with 7 other couples, his best friends from college and all their wives. And of course we were the only unmarried couple. I had heard so many crazy stories of Matt's times at Auburn, I was so excited to see his old stomping grounds.

All 16 of us took over a gorgeous bed and breakfast called Crenshaw Guest House. Matt and I had our own little private cottage on the back of the property while others stayed at the main house. B&Bs are the way to go when traveling, I'm convinced. It was so much more enjoyable than most of our trips. The whole group of us were able to hang out in the common area, play Catch Phrase, watch Wimbledon, and just sit around when we were between activities. It was also nice being walking distance to town and campus.

At Toomer's Corner. The most famous corner at Auburn University. (Agh, I'm so embarrassed that I wore flip flops! I only wear these when I take the dog around the yard and I can't believe I actually wore them outside of the house and on vacation in public, eeep!)

For those of you that don't follow college news and sports, Auburn has one of the best football teams in the nation. These live oaks, above, are the most celebrated trees on campus, and when they win, the trees are covered in toilet paper. It's been a tradition for decades. Nearby Alabama University has a rivalry with Auburn, and after Auburn beat them for the national championship in 2010, a psycho fan, not even a student of Alabama, poisoned the trees. He used over 100 times the dose required to kill a healthy tree. The poisoning was brought to everyone's attention when the moron called into a syndicated radio show and bragged of his poisoning the landmark trees. He is currently awaiting trial, and the University has done everything possible to save these trees. Sadly, there isn't much hope and they're dying.

The birthday boy! The reason for the trip. Matt's buddy, nicknamed Fordy, who came up from Tampa for the weekend. His sash was so lovely. Happy birthday Fordy!
Infamous lemonade from Toomer's Drugs. It was so yummy! 

All the boys.

What a great weekend we had. I can't wait to show Matt the campus at Michigan State, where I attended college. He's going to love it. Two more weeks until our vacation to Michigan to see my family and old friends! And we even get to bring Zeus!!

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. 

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  1. you are gorgeous girl!

  2. Hi, Sally Ann! You were blogger-featured and I liked your style of dressing, loved Zeus, and groaned in sympathy about the tropical heat of Georgia (I'm relieved of that, literally - I only lived in Savannah for a year!), so I came up here ... love this blog! It is "up" for me to read about 16 people going away somewhere together and enjoying themselves!!! And I grinned and nodded about flip-flops! I can recall getting in a disagreement w/ a friend, when I had gone w/ her for support to a doctor's appt, and told her I gave a thumbs down to the doc, because here was a man in a dress shirt, dress slacks - and flip flops?! He's a doctor! I don't want to see his toenails ;-

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I've always thought it was odd when people had more than one pair of flip flops.. something about completely exposed toes just weirds me out.

      & hopefully this is my last summer in the deep south! IT'S TOO HOT!


  3. Adorable pictures and adorable blog. I'm a new follower.

  4. just saw your guest post over on selective potential. you are absolutely adorable! glad to have another fantastic read in the mornings :)
    xo TJ

  5. glad you enjoyed yourself in auburn! i really enjoy living in this town and i will definitely miss it after i graduate. being able to see the toomers oaks covered in toilet paper after every game, including the 2010 iron bowl (which is when the crazy poisoned the trees) and the 2010 national championship has been an amazing treat. did you get to check out momma g's while you were there? it is the bessttttt.