Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beach time in Michigan

Hello everyone! I'm back! Matt, Zeus, and I spent the last 10 days on vacation to Michigan and back. And what vacation it was! I can't believe how quickly the time just flew by. It always does when you're visiting home, and it never seems to be long enough. Matt and Zeus saw Lake Michigan for the first time, and it was also their first time in the midwest. Southern boys, ha, so funny they'd never been that far north. Needless to say, they were quite blown away by the beauty of the state, and the lake especially.

It's funny how one's perspective changes as you grow older. I never realized how amazing my hometown was until I moved away. My home was less than a mile, bird's flight, to Lake Michigan, until I moved away to college. Even the year that I lived in Muskegon before moving south, I didn't appreciate my beautiful town like I should have. It hit me when Matt and I got off the highway, a few miles from my mom's house, and there were seagulls in the gas station parking lot. I never realized how awesome that was. 

Matt saw his first of many sunsets that fall along the water. It's absolutely breathtaking to watch the sunset on the horizon of Lake Michigan. Another thing I'm so used to, and Matt kept shushing me and told me to put down my camera and just watch. Above, was our first night sunset of vacation, and although it was overcast, still beautiful. 

Doesn't that sandy face just melt your heart?! I'm convinced Zeus had more fun than either of us. He swam and swam and swam! His first full days in Michigan he spent playing fetch with driftwood in the lake and digging holes in the sand. I'm curious as to how much sand he actually consumed. Throw him a piece of ice and he misses? He digs it out of the sand and eats it, with a few extra clumps of sand. Silly dog. 

From the shores at my aunt's lake house, we watched all kinds of boats sailing and kite surfers flying in the wind. Having a private beach to ourselves was a blast! It's just a bit north of town, and once the sun went down, bon fire time!

Another one of Zeus' favorites things to do on the beach, go right up to a dry sun bathing girl, step on her towel, and shake off his excess water. And then push himself on the towel, sand and all. Such a goof.

Matt and I on day two at the beach. 

My best friend in the whole world, Kirsten, on our wine day at the beach. Sparkling white wine, while not something I'd normally drink, I'm a red wine kind of gal, was fantastic on the beach! 

And yes, we got Zeus, Matt and I on a kayak. The three of us were all on it for only about 30 seconds before Zeus jumped off, but it was hilarious!

I'm off to enjoy my last day off work with Matt. Unpacking, taking in a matinee, and still a little bit of recovery.

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's great to be back!

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  1. Hi there! New reader here, love these pics and glad you are back just in time for me to discover your blog thanks to Nicole at PCV and can't wait to catch up!


  2. OMG that photo of Zeus shaking dry hahaha!

  3. Aw, this looks so amazing, Sally! I LOVED reading through this and seeing all of your photos from Michigan. I'm so happy you three had a great time. :)

    1. Thanks Tieka! It was a great vacation. I'm wishing we were still there!

  4. That seems like such a good time! And those pictures of Zeus are amazing, haha.

    1. Thanks! He loves having his picture taken. I have hundreds of pictures from him on the beach! Haha